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Moved everything over from my old LiveJournal and have deleted said LJ, owing to their moving their servers to Russia.

Don’t expect a ton of activity here.


Okay, that’s it. We have officially transitioned into stupid.

It’s 11:00 pm here on the western edge of Eastern Daylight Time.

The local news just came on. Local. Detroit. Michigan.

The lead story? A local reporter and a satellite truck was dispatched to Blacksburg, VA, sometime yesterday to gather sound bites on the Virginia Tech campus. Not a one of the students interviewed was from Michigan, as near as I can tell.

(There are many Michigan people at Virginia Tech, and a lot of alums up here, too. VT has been a very successful competitor in Formula SAE, Hybrid Electric/SuperCar, various alt-fuels competitions, etc., and gets recruited by the automakers and suppliers pretty heavily.)

The next story? Candlelight vigil on the local Wayne State University campus. Okay, I’m down with that — there were a lot of these on various campuses across the country, and the show of support is a good thing. This bit of tape featured a few choice sound bites included the classic “We have to spread love and encouragement and stop the hate” from a sincere young lady.

Newsflash, honey: that boy had an entire bank vault full of hate going on, and the many attempts of others to show him some love and encouragement were met with, at best, stony silence, and, yesterday, a whole lot of dead. About all he seemed to be encouraged to do was patiently wait out the legal restrictions on handgun purchases so he could get his second piece, write a few bomb threats to feel out the local response, and pick a day to start killing.

Six-plus billion people on this earth. A few of them “jest ain’t right in the head” to quote one of my hillbilly step-cousins. This guy certainly falls into that category.

The tragedy here is that Cho Seung-Hui took 32 other peoples’ lives before he took his own. People who had done nothing but be alive in the wrong place.

But the newsies have yet again demonstrated their inability to do anything even remotely intelligent. What is the purpose of dispatching a sat truck & crew from Detroit to Virginia except “Me, Too”ism? What is the Junior Cub Reporter they sent going to contribute? What questions will he ask at a press conference that 100 others haven’t already asked or are currently asking and then talking over the attempt to answer? And to compound the stupid, said reporter doesn’t even bother to follow the station’s policy of finding the local connection to any national or international event! (I’m serious about this: When Steve “Crocodile Hunter” Irwin was killed, they dredged up some local who once was part of a bus tour that went to Australia Zoo but didn’t actually see Steve there!)

Again, I’m not saying the press should be regulated or restricted by any sort of law. I *am* saying the press needs to start showing some responsibility to go with that great freedom. It’s gone way past “if it bleeds, it leads” and to the point where the goings on of a small gaggle of rich who have done nothing but have a famous name (when grandpapa founded the big hotel chain, the family name wound up on buildings all over the world) and/or actors/celebrities is somehow considered “news”.

It’s not. It’s crap. There are plenty of shows for stuff like that, it doesn’t need to be on the news. Stick to news, weather, sports. You know, the stuff that the whole news thing was built on…