My No Woo-Woo Policy

I originally posted this the other day on Facebook. It got a lot of responses there, as you’d expect. Since this is the place I’m putting up The Story Of My Journey Through Cancer (which sounds like a Very Special Movie Event Coming To Lifetime TV, Starring Meredith Baxter Birney as Jim Crider), I figured I’d copy-pasta it here as well:

My No Woo-Woo Policy:

I suppose enough time has gone by to restate my “No Woo-Woo” policy:

I know no small few of my friends are into alternative medicines, herbals, vegan diets, essential oils, acupuncture, acupressure, Tibetan Cancer Curing Massage, Ancient Sichuan Woolly Yak Penis Extract Powders, etc.

I know you care about me and my health and want me to beat this cancer. I greatly appreciate that, and I’m glad to have you on my team.

But please, PLEASE, ***PLEASE*** refrain from posting suggestions that I try X thing to “cure my cancer”. Don’t put them on my FB wall. Don’t tweet them at me. Don’t DM me with them. Don’t email me with them. Don’t put them in comments on my blog.

I have a fantastic team of doctors, lead by a very highly qualified oncologist who aggressively stays up on the latest science. I am under his care, following the treatment protocol he has prescribed.

I will not self-medicate with ***ANYTHING*** without running it by him first to check all the possible interactions and if it’s even something worth trying. To do otherwise is to court at best a delay in my treatment and at worst some sort of reaction that puts me back in the hospital or kills me. These are *his* instructions and I’m following them.

Again, I appreciate your concern, but I have way more than enough on my plate without having to field woo-peddling. Takes away energy I could be using doing something productive (like maybe getting back to paid work).

Woo posts will be deleted with prejudice. Repeated woo posts will get a block. I’m sorry. I don’t have the energy for this stuff.



Moved everything over from my old LiveJournal and have deleted said LJ, owing to their moving their servers to Russia.

Don’t expect a ton of activity here.