New Job!

Okay, last week, had the first interview, which lead to a 2nd interview, that after a bit of schedule shuffle, happened on Wednesday.

That 2nd interview in turn lead to yesterday afternoon’s phone call with a verbal offer. The written offer arrived this morning in e-mail, I signed, scanned, and e-mailed it back, and my planned start date is Monday, October 26th. This is of course pending the usual reference, background, and drug checks, which will get going next week.

So, you ask, what is this new job?

"Mechanical Engineer, Sr. – DTS" with a company called Oceaneering. "DTS" stands for "Deepwater Technical Solutions". What I’ll be doing is joining a team that essentially does "triage for the offshore oil & gas industries", as my new manager put it. Something underwater breaks, and it’s too difficult/dangerous for humans to get to it, and too expensive to pull it up to the surface, Oceaneering’s fleet of ROVs gets a call and the DTS group designs and manufactures a tool to fix the broken stuff.

Each job is thus different, and the turn-around time from getting that initial call to the tool going in the water to do its thing can be 4-8 weeks — sometimes less. Why so quick (and for designing, fabricating, assembling and testing machines & mechanisms, that is *very* quick)? Because an offshore rig costs around $1-1.5 million *per day* to operate, and if something’s broken, they’re not producing, but the costs are still there.

I have quite a bit to learn, but I’m looking forward to it. The DTS team that I’ve met so far are great people, and the general attitude is one of getting it done the right way and quickly. Lots of engineering, lots of individual responsibility for a project, and something new on a frequent basis.

The salary is not quite what I was making at the last job, but it’s well within the realm of reason, and the overall package is great, as is the opportunity to grow. And the whole package is what I was concerned about, not a number.

And so now I just have to do all the pre-employment screening, which won’t be a problem. No funky chemicals in my bloodstream, and a pretty quiet background, all things considered.

I do have to thank everyone who has been on Team Jim during this process. It’s been a great boost to get a comment or an e-mail of support when things were looking rough. While I sincerely hope none of you ever find yourself in need of such support, know that I’ll do what I can in return should it come to pass.



Well, I had a great job interview yesterday for what I think would be a great job. Waiting for me this morning when I checked my e-mail was an invitation for a 2nd interview, which has been scheduled for Monday. That’s about as much as I’m willing to say right now. 🙂