A simple, and ultimately fun, request

Some of my regulars also read me over on Facebook, and in that case, this is a repeat. But I thought I’d spread this around. Some of the folks here are on their way to Dragon*Con, some aren’t, but are not on FB and thus hadn’t seen this from me yet.

My old friend Valerie has a young friend going through some major stuff right now. Miss Riley is a real kid; Valerie knows her well and is doing a little something to keep Riley’s attitude in the appropriate "Bring it. I’ll kick it’s butt" zone. This is no ‘net hoax.

So if you could, please read through Val’s note, copied with permission, and join Team Riley by sending her a card (address below). Maybe a little D*C weirdness? I’ll forward digital pics (PG, please, PG!!!! She’s 13!) on to Val for Riley, if you care to e-mail me same. Let’s show the young lady a little love.

Valerie’s Note:

I have an IDEA: Please send cards to Riley to show your support! Diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at age 13, Riley Koepsell has been given a good prognosis for recovery, but she has to go through 6 months of tough chemo and treatment to get there. Ick! Let’s keep her spirits up during this time! Most of you tagged in this note have been following her progress, and THANK YOU SO MUCH for your good thoughts and support! She is finally back home and will continue to fight this. We can help.

I thought it might be fun to collect cards with good wishes or words of encouragement for her from many different people and places (Jenni – any chance for a Get Well postcard from France if you’re still there?! Sami – any Melbourne love you can throw this way?). Jim is already sending a bracelet care package, and Tanya is running a race with her name on a special ribbon for her (thanks, you two – you’re amazing!). What great friends I have! Let’s all pitch in right now and do something nice for her.

Here’s the deal: You don’t need to be tagged to participate (I reached my tag limit anyway!), so if you’re reading this, you KNOW you want to do it! So get after it already, will you? 😉 Anyone who wants to support Riley on her journey to recovery can send her a card c/o me to:

Riley Koepsell
c/o Valerie Sargent
10 Serena Ct.
Newport Beach, CA 92663

If you’d like, include the name and artist of a song that you think might be good to listen to while getting chemo – something motivating, fun, inspiring or encouraging. We can help her build a playlist!

Again, thanks to all of you who have kept Riley in your thoughts and prayers during this time. I know she can feel the love, and all the extra support is appreciated. Thanks for jumping on the Team Riley bandwagon!!! You’re awesome. 🙂

Love and hugs,