…is here, and I’m still on the job hunt. I did spend a little bit of time today printing up some "personal" business cards with my contact info and, on the back, a bulletized version of my career objectives & general experience. I did this originally back in ’07 after Metaldyne, but of course I’ve moved and thus have somewhat different contact info in terms of physical address and home phone, so it was time for some new ones. The quality of the DIY business card kits is much improved from two years ago, with much cleaner edges once broken out of the page.

The other lesson is I didn’t print all 200 in the package at once. 🙂 I still have maybe 150 of the last batch.

Hitting up some more of the suggestions I’ve received, getting myself "out there" for folks to see: that’s how you do it. I had one solid nibble off my LinkedIn profile last week. We’ll see where that goes — I think I’m a pretty good fit for the position. There was another contact made that involved my making what amounts to a "cold call" on the business in question — one where I’d met the business principal a few years back casually, and he might have even remembered me. This wasn’t quite as random as it sounds: the business is expanding and some indications that they would be looking for engineers in the near future have been posted here and there. That would be an exceptionally fun job if it panned out — the business in question is involved in things that push all my "I love working on this!" buttons.

But I’m not counting my chickens at all. I’ll keep looking until I land the next job, whatever it turns out to be.



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