New Stuff Week at Nuevo Casa del Crider Sur – and a birthday.

First, the birthday. Everyone be sure to wish   a happy natal day with what’s left of this Thursday. And   has a birthday on Saturday.

Okay, so after spending the Memorial Day holiday weekend in Tulsa with my HD, widescreen-owning relatives, I broke down last weekend and acquired a lovely 46" Samsung LCD and a 26" Insignia (Best Buy’s house brand, made by LG) LCD. The Samsung dictated a new piece of furniture from IKEA to hold it. Best Buy had a sale on, plus 36-month 0% interest. Apparently, my credit rating is still good, ’cause I was approved in about the amount of time it took the data to go from the store computer to the mothership and return. Hurray for that.

And I even had two social functions last weekend. Enjoyed both.


Friday evening: Social Engagement #1

Saturday, TV purchases, IKEA purchase, set up Insignia. Go to Social Engagement #2.

Sunday: assemble IKEA furniture.

Monday: big TV is delivered in AM (barely — 11:55 *is* between 8 and 12). 1992-vintage 26" Sony with jury-rigged inputs is carted away to be recycled (yes, really). Assembled TV and other AV goodies Monday evening.

Tuesday & Wednesday: Enjoyed same. Wednesday, called DirecTV to arrange HD equipment/service upgrade from existing standard stuff.

Thursday: New stove! Thanks be unto landlord-to-the-stars Gary Swafford for that. Oven achieved temp in mere minutes, instead of an hour, and achieved *set* temp, not a random one, again unlike the old one. Old stove was carted away to be disposed of properly. Dinner served quickly. 🙂 Now watching Game 4 of Stanley Cup finals, wondering if the officials will be allowed to have their Leader Dogs on the ice for the 2nd & 3rd periods, ’cause they clearly need them.

Friday: Continued enjoyment planned, because…

Saturday: DirecTV HD upgrade happens in the AM. Will be watching Game 5 of Stanley Cup finals in glorious HD that evening.

Work continues (a good thing, too, ’cause I have to pay for all this stuff), and is actually going well. I know fuel prices are creeping up again, but offsetting that for me is that if oil hangs out in the mid-60s, we get more business. If natural gas can bump back up to $5/MMBTU, we might see the US rig count go back up a bit, too. Translation: more drilling = more business for us. It also = less imported energy (which is a good thing all the way ’round).

Hope all is well in F-list land. 🙂



  1. Yes, I’ve observed that there is a real need to teach dogs to ice skate, because there are clearly hockey officials who need them. (The Chicago Wolves sponsor various charities, and one of them involves finding homes for dogs – this leads to various snarky comments when there are dogs at the games available for adoption.)


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