Home. Alive. Healthy. All is well.

FF, you always pick times I’m gone to wonder about my status. If I’m injured or dead, there will be a post to that effect. If I’m silent, it’s ’cause I’m not here. 🙂


New Stuff Week at Nuevo Casa del Crider Sur – and a birthday.

First, the birthday. Everyone be sure to wish   a happy natal day with what’s left of this Thursday. And   has a birthday on Saturday.

Okay, so after spending the Memorial Day holiday weekend in Tulsa with my HD, widescreen-owning relatives, I broke down last weekend and acquired a lovely 46" Samsung LCD and a 26" Insignia (Best Buy’s house brand, made by LG) LCD. The Samsung dictated a new piece of furniture from IKEA to hold it. Best Buy had a sale on, plus 36-month 0% interest. Apparently, my credit rating is still good, ’cause I was approved in about the amount of time it took the data to go from the store computer to the mothership and return. Hurray for that.

And I even had two social functions last weekend. Enjoyed both.


Friday evening: Social Engagement #1

Saturday, TV purchases, IKEA purchase, set up Insignia. Go to Social Engagement #2.

Sunday: assemble IKEA furniture.

Monday: big TV is delivered in AM (barely — 11:55 *is* between 8 and 12). 1992-vintage 26" Sony with jury-rigged inputs is carted away to be recycled (yes, really). Assembled TV and other AV goodies Monday evening.

Tuesday & Wednesday: Enjoyed same. Wednesday, called DirecTV to arrange HD equipment/service upgrade from existing standard stuff.

Thursday: New stove! Thanks be unto landlord-to-the-stars Gary Swafford for that. Oven achieved temp in mere minutes, instead of an hour, and achieved *set* temp, not a random one, again unlike the old one. Old stove was carted away to be disposed of properly. Dinner served quickly. 🙂 Now watching Game 4 of Stanley Cup finals, wondering if the officials will be allowed to have their Leader Dogs on the ice for the 2nd & 3rd periods, ’cause they clearly need them.

Friday: Continued enjoyment planned, because…

Saturday: DirecTV HD upgrade happens in the AM. Will be watching Game 5 of Stanley Cup finals in glorious HD that evening.

Work continues (a good thing, too, ’cause I have to pay for all this stuff), and is actually going well. I know fuel prices are creeping up again, but offsetting that for me is that if oil hangs out in the mid-60s, we get more business. If natural gas can bump back up to $5/MMBTU, we might see the US rig count go back up a bit, too. Translation: more drilling = more business for us. It also = less imported energy (which is a good thing all the way ’round).

Hope all is well in F-list land. 🙂