May 11, 2009

I have been told that as of shortly before 9am, Eastern Time, Karen and I were officially divorced.

I’m holding up okay, though I feel rather alone in the grand scheme of things at the moment.

I really should be doing laundry, but instead I’m going to finish this bottle of wine first.



    1. Thank you, Mary. Today was better. I suspect tomorrow will be better still. Knowing I’m not flying solo — not really — is a huge help.


  1. Friday, February 13. I don’t remember which year, though. Yeah. And you still have the kid who’s doing well in school, yes?


    1. Well, legally, as of yesterday I’m no longer her stepfather. But Miss E does still drop me an IM occasionally, which is nice. Hope she still does.


  2. That’s hard. What are you doing Memorial Day weekend. If you don’t hate acoustic music, camping in all kinds of weather and hippies, you could come to Kerrville. It’s 90 miles west of Austin and well worth the trip. It would provide quite a distraction.


    1. Carol, it sounds like a fun idea, but I’m going to be in Tulsa for Memorial Day weekend. I’m actually driving up there this coming Saturday and then I’m in a class for work Mon-Thur. It’s gonna be good, too.


  3. Just checking in tell you that I bought the John Deere. We’re having it delivered tomorrow evening.


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