This won’t make much sense if you’re not on my F-list

Catharsis is good.



  1. Is there anybody home? It’s been weeks since you posted. “Come on, give us an update”, she whines.


  2. Jim, I need your advice. Between a John Deere (LR175) rider mower with a 17.5 hp 1-cylinder engine by Briggs & Stratton and a Honda (HF 2215 HME) rider mower with a 15 hp 2-cylinder GCV 520, what would you choose?


    1. Can’t really go wrong with a Deere. Honda’s small engines are outstanding, and their push mowers work well, but I don’t know their riding mowers very well. Deere, OTOH, has a long-time solid reputation, and Briggs makes excellent engines as well.


      1. Thanks. I was worried about the 1-cylinder/2-cylinder thing. But since you didn’t mention it, I guess it’s not so important.

      2. Just different ways of getting the displacement needed to make the horsepower. Briggs uses big singles (though they do have 2-cylinder engines as well), Honda basically makes a 2-cylinder using the guts from their smaller 1-cylinder engines.

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