It wasn’t as big a gap as the last one…

I said "try", FF. Not "succeed", but "try". There is a difference.

Been pulling longish days at work partly because I get going on something and don’t like to stop, and partly because there’s not exactly a huge inducement to rush home. Well, the next two weeks are going to be a bit different as I have a lot of house prep to do on the off chance that my friends M and J come from Michigan for the upcoming Houston date on the SCCA Solo National Tour calendar. They were, then they weren’t, now they might.

So I have to finish the living room, the 2nd bathroom, and the front bedroom. I am very good at not doing anything for hours on end, so it’s going to require some motivation on my part, but that’s as may be.

Yesterday I got out on the bicycle for a bit. I did about 5 miles, but it was the 1/2 mile of grass that killed me — the extra drag from the St. Augustine grass common here was Just Enough to bring the pain. I’m out of shape, I’ll admit it, and have quite a bit of training to do before tackling one of the group rides the local bike shop hosts.

The ’65 is safely in my garage. The ’99 is currently in the trailer on race tires. Scooter is a good bird.

My oven still sucks.

And the house will be fit for company in a couple weeks.

Jeez, has it really been that long?

I guess it has.

I’m alive.

I had a MOST entertaing bout of something that was most likely campylobacteriosis food poisoning last week.

I’m better now.

I’m also on Facebook, which is a bit part of why I haven’t been here much lately.

I’m still working on my house. This week I got the garage whipped into shape so I can get the ’65 out of the trailer and into the garage… making room in the trailer for the ’99 just in time for Sunday’s autocross. 🙂

I’ll try to be better about posting here. Honest.