Stupor Sunday and assorted and sundry

Well, as in "I could find myself in a stupor if I’m not careful".

I got up early, drove the 60 or so miles to Gulf Greyhound Park, helped C change tires, walked the course, dodged the raindrops, and took our runs first heat on a drying course. Worked Course Control 2nd heat, which meant i was inside the timing truck (which is the old SCCA National Solo timing truck, one I’ve spent a LOT of time in over the years) when the mixture of sunny weather, light rain, and a couple of heavy downpours happened (yay me, and as New Guy in Houston Region, I also proved myself capable in T&S (not really a surprise as I did that job in Detroit on a regular basis) to the HRSCCA crew, so I’ll be back there again.

I pushed C to drive harder in his own car, and he managed to get off a couple of clean runs where I coned every run. But I’m happy with the outcome — I got a feel for the surface at GGP, and C felt he learned some things about both the car and his driving from working with me, so a win even though I didn’t get a trophy.

After we got a late lunch, went home and I started laundry and missed the pre-game, but I have the Super Bowl on anyway. I do things during the game and stop to watch the commercials for the most part. It’s just me and Scooterbird for a one-human/one-cockatiel party tonight.

On to assorted and sundry… Letterman has had a stellar run with musical guests lately. A couple of them were memorable enough that I checked them out on iTunes and wound up buying (I still had a lot of gift card credit) the entire albums from both. The first is The Airborne Toxic Event, which played their single "Sometime Around Midnight" on Letterman on the 15th. Wow. Just Wow. The performance (which you can watch on their website) was musically astounding. Very well-crafted, and the song itself just grabbed me. This week, Andrew Bird impressed me, particularly with the use of the Leslie Speaker (old-school analog tool to get Doppler effects — it’s two speaker horns that rotate via a motor), but not quite enough to buy the album just yet. MENEW was plenty good, but not go-buy-it for me.

But then on Friday, The Gaslight Anthem played "The ’59 Sound" — and though their album of the same name has been out for several months, another bang-on performance and music that grabbed me enough to check further — and I bought the album.

Well, as I type this last line, the Super Bowl is over. The Cardinals gave the Steelers a run, but the Steelers pulled it out on the last drive.

And I have laundry to finish up. 🙂


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