Lazy Saturday

I was lazy today. I did eventually get to where my trailer is stored and retrieve the rain tires and the inner seatbelt buckle for the driver’s seat in theCobra, oh, and the sockets I will need to reattach same.

I’m bringing the rain tires with me to co-drive a new friend’s Mustang in tomorrow’s Houston Region SCCA Solo event. I’m just not ready to run my car yet — of course, in Michigan, Detroit Region’s season doesn’t start until the end of April or the first part of May.

The forecast is calling for rain tomorrow, of course, hence the rain tires.

Should be fun. Borrowed cars do go faster. 🙂

I also went to the HEB again. Another stocking-up run — getting a lot of staple items and supplies that I just didn’t have. And now I do. Hoping it’s the last one for a while — that gets expensive fast.

Off to bed relatively early tonight because I have to be at the event early tomorrow.

This is what passes for excitement in my life.


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