The weather, it changes as you watch.

It hung out in the 70s most of today. When I left the office shortly after 5 pm, it was 71 on the overhead in the truck. Due to getting caught in the Weekly Rush Hour Random Stoplight Failure backup (it happens weekly, but in different places), I had a chance to watch the wind shift from the south to the north-northwest, and the temperature dropped 22 degrees in the hour or so it took me to drive the 9 miles home from work.

Yes, you read that right: it took me an hour to drive about 9 miles.

One other semi-amusing thing from yesterday: it was the first full day I had my new multi-function printer/fax/copier/scanner hooked up. I came home, and… I’d already been faxed something by mistake (as opposed to fax-spammed). Some sort of disability claim form from a credit union to a woman I have never heard of. I called them and let them know they needed to pay better attention to detail.


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