It’s BAA-aaack!

Writing this on my primary home computer, which is up and running after not having been used since approximately 8 December. I got the Jerker put back together, my new Samsung color laser all-in-one (K kept the fax machine and the Samsung color laser printer, I got the newer model), and the computer hooked up and a month’s worth of backlogged updates installed.

The laptop has served me well for the past 2+ months (since before Thanksgiving), but I’m happy to get back on my good ergo keyboard at my nice workstation.

And the chili I started last night? It was very good tonight. Had it with fresh flour tortillas I got from the in-store tortilla maker at HEB. 🙂

Back to it this week…



    1. Busy, and equipped with a perfectly functional laptop. I’m trying to tackle the house in something of a systematic fashion. Bedroom. Kitchen. now, Living Room (where the computer desk is because, well, that’s where I want it to be so I can compute and watch the good TV at the same time. :)). For once, too, I actually have a faster machine at the office than I have at home (and it has *two* 19″ widescreen monitors!).


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