Too many decisions!

Well, not really. but I have multiple events competing for my time this weekend. There’s a Houston Region SCCA Club Race (a Double Regional) at Motorsports Ranch Houston, and I could go flag (that I’m home writing this tells you that I didn’t do that today), and might still do that tomorrow. Mustang Club of Houston is also having their annual indoor karting event later this afternoon, and their monthly meeting tomorrow afternoon.

The problem with working both days of the race is that I lose both days of the weekend, and I have several things I want to do today, including moving my trailer to its new indoor home, which finally became available this week. Also, I have some Christmas presents in the form of gift cards I’m going to exploit at Target getting some Calphalon cookware (it’s maybe just a little less heavy than their primary line, but it’s also about 1/3 the price of their primary line, and it works quite well in our experience in MI – K kept that set, I’m getting a new set), and I’m going to do some grocery shopping(!!!).

I might still go to MSR tomorrow and flag. I need to get days in to keep my F&C license anyway.

Oh, and my new printer showed up yesterday. Ordered late Wednesday night from Behold: network-ready color laser all-in-one, and it had: $100 instant savings, $100 easy rebate, and I had another $50 e-coupon. Also ordered a network cable and a shredder (K kept the one in Michigan), which had a $50 easy rebate. I got the all-in-one for the price of the printer-only, non-networked version using the same printer engine.

I haven’t set it up yet, but after I get the kitchen finished, the computer work area in the living room is the next item on the Get Sorted list — and this includes unpacking my primary home computer. I’ve been using the laptop exclusively for about 2 months now with the exception of an hour or so in Michigan just before I moved.

Oh, and for those of you keeping track at home, I did 5 loads through the dishwasher and washed a lot of other stuff that isn’t dishwasher-safe by hand, but the kitchen is ALMOST done.



  1. “the kitchen is ALMOST done.” I wish I could say that. We’ve been redoing our kitchen since Christmas. Really, since a year and a half ago, when we straightened the wall out and put in a picture window. Since then we’ve been renovating our retirement home and just decided to finish the kitchen where we are living now. Of course, we both got sick over the holidays so we didn’t get as much done as planned. The tiling and grouting is now finished (before which we had to take down the daub and put up sheetrock). The plumbing is finished and the electricity is almost finished. The DH is plastering the walls and ceiling as we speak and as soon as he’s finished, I can start painting. Then we can put the cupboards back up. The kitchen is only 2.5 x 2.7 m with 2.5m ceilings so it shouldn’t take too long to finish it. That said, since all the cupboards are piled in the dining room, we moved the dining room table into the living room between the couche and the fireplace. It’s KIND OF CROWDED so I will be glad when the kitchen is done.


    1. Ugh. This time it was just a thorough cleansing and then unpacking my stuff and figuring out where to put it. I moved some stuff today — my Riedel wine glasses and other fancy glassware got moved to a different cabinet and their spot in the other cabinet filled with assorted plastic “picnic glasses” — old football game stadium cups from high school and college, that sort of thing. One plus to that is the tall Bordeaux Riedel glasses are now able to stand up in their new location instead of being carefully placed sideways. And I ate my first prepared-in-my-kitchen meal this morning. Okay, it was a bowl of cereal, but it’s a start! It’s also what I had in the house so far. One of tomorrow’s tasks is grocery shopping… Daub? As in plaster over wattles? Or was it plaster over lathe? Sounds a lot like work. If I buy this place, I’m baking enough money into the mortgage to gut the kitchen and redo it my way. The general layout is fine, but the cabinets are builder-special stock pieces, ditto the (shallow) sink and the laminate countertops that wrap up the wall to make their own backsplash. And the pantry is too small. That of course is if I buy this house eventually. I may not — not enough garage, really, and no way to expand it.


      1. Daub? As in plaster over wattles? Or was it plaster over lathe? Sounds a lot like work. It’s not really plaster. It’s a combination of dirt and something and something else that keeps it sticking to the wall. It had taken on humidity and detached from the wall. But it’s used like plaster. It covered the bricks. It might not be the right term. I described it to my girlfriend who does historic renovations and she called it “daub”. In French, it’s called “torchi”.

      2. Oh, okay. That kind of old stuff. Ugh. Kind of like stucco, which is basically sand and Portland cement. Usually used outside, but sometimes inside as a parge coat over masonry.

      3. Well, whatever it’s called in English, it is old. The house is a 1930s row house and the “torchi” is original.

    1. Yes, it’s looking that way. I was relatively fast for a fat man today at karting. 🙂 I give up a lot in mass to the really quick guys. Like over 100 lbs. I didn’t get everything done today, so I’m going to do those things tomorrow instead of flagging and go to the Mustang Club meeting.


  2. 5 loads of dishwasher is more than I’ve ever…. mostly because my kitchen doesn’t have a dishwasher (unless you make jokes about people who wash dishes by hand). There’s no space for one in my small kitchen, and since there have never been more than 2 people living here (during my occupancy of the house) there doesn’t really seem to be a need for one. But I’ve been watching enough HGTV programs to know that anyone coming into this house to assess its value will cringe at the kitchen which has been unchanged except for the purchase of a new stove and refrigerator in the 45 years or so since this house was built.


    1. The 62-or-so year old house in MI that K is keeping had a dishwasher put in when the kitchen was redone sometime around the late 1970s or early 1980s. We replaced it about 2 years ago when it died; this wound up being the motivation to completely replace all the kitchen appliances (the new stainless dishwasher is next to the stove, so we needed a matching stove… and a matching hood over the stove… and when we found one that actually fit our relatively nearrow space in the store display, next to the range hood, a matching fridge) But installing the dishwasher sacrificed a cabinet whose storage capacity that kitchen desparately needed.


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