Feeling a bit better now…

I’m mostly over the creeping crud at this point. Some lingering drainage and occasional coughing as a result but I’ve stopped the big drugs.

I suspect this is why I woke up about 4 this morning and couldn’t go back to sleep. Fortunately(?), "Desperado" was showing on one of the movie channels, so I got to see Antonio Banderas at his best as El Mariachi and Salma Hayek looking her absolute best, too. I did doze off again around 7 for about an hour until the AT&T tech called my cell and woke me up (I did need to get up anyway).

It’s coolish here (low 50s) today, so I’m doing laundry and working some more on my neglected kitchen.

The back fence, damaged by Ike, is being replaced. Friday, the fence guy cut my phone line. This morning, a very skilled veteran AT&T tech came out and replaced my entire drop. For a wonder, the noise is gone from the line, and I should also have better ‘net connectivity, too, though I don’t have the speed I did in Michigan and won’t until AT&T unbundles the quicker speeds from U-Verse.

I love dealing with professionals. He noticed the noise in my line as soon as he hooked in and decided to replace the whole thing on the spot instead of trying to splice it back together. "If I don’t do it right, I’m just gonna have to come back out and do it again."

Works for me. Now I can actually hear voices on the landline instead of hums and static.



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