Feeling Like Crap, Houston Edition

I’m reasonably sure what has attacked my sinuses is a sinister conspiracy between my new home’s different allergen mix and whatever was traveling through my family at Christmas, because I’ve spent most of the last 4 days feeling like total crap. Stuffy head, drainage-induced coughing, coughing-induced muscle soreness.

Drugs have been applied. I’ve turned the corner, I think, but still it lingers on.

Start a 4-day SolidWorks class tomorrow. First real dose of Houston commute traffic today. This morning at 7am? No real problems. This evening? I didn’t leave the office until about 5:30 and it took a while. Rest of the week, I’m driving over by the airport (about twice the distance). I’m giving myself extra time, obvoiusly.




    1. I told Scooter I just wanted to die last night whilst in the middle of a lovely drainage-induced coughing jag. That was my indication the drugs had worn off.


    1. I am on enough drugs right now that I’m slightly fuzzy-headed. Being able to breathe without horking is the benefit, however.


  1. I spent Christmas with bronchitis and the New Year with a mild case of flu, so I can totally sympathize with feeling like crap. Of course, now that I’m back to work, I feel fine. 😉


  2. I hope you don’t have the cold that is going around up here where we are; it reportedly take three weeks to get over it. Steve is almost done with week 2, I am only in week 1. I guess it’s a good thing that we had our Christmas vacation to get part of the time out of the way. I could go to school if only I was able to talk instead of squeak or whisper.


    1. Oh, ghods, I hope it doesn’t last that long! For you, either! I can talk okay provided you can hear in the deeper bass registers. Scooter (who doesn’t) has trouble. My voice has lost most of the higher harmonics.


  3. I’m in week three and it’s starting to fade…the wife has full blown pneumonia, so that’s another issue, and the boy has the wet cough of Ed Harris when he is exiting the breathing fluid in “The Abyss”…I hear LOTS of water is the only real way to get over it…of course, one must stay close to facilities.


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