Lazy Saturday

I was lazy today. I did eventually get to where my trailer is stored and retrieve the rain tires and the inner seatbelt buckle for the driver’s seat in theCobra, oh, and the sockets I will need to reattach same.

I’m bringing the rain tires with me to co-drive a new friend’s Mustang in tomorrow’s Houston Region SCCA Solo event. I’m just not ready to run my car yet — of course, in Michigan, Detroit Region’s season doesn’t start until the end of April or the first part of May.

The forecast is calling for rain tomorrow, of course, hence the rain tires.

Should be fun. Borrowed cars do go faster. 🙂

I also went to the HEB again. Another stocking-up run — getting a lot of staple items and supplies that I just didn’t have. And now I do. Hoping it’s the last one for a while — that gets expensive fast.

Off to bed relatively early tonight because I have to be at the event early tomorrow.

This is what passes for excitement in my life.


The weather, it changes as you watch.

It hung out in the 70s most of today. When I left the office shortly after 5 pm, it was 71 on the overhead in the truck. Due to getting caught in the Weekly Rush Hour Random Stoplight Failure backup (it happens weekly, but in different places), I had a chance to watch the wind shift from the south to the north-northwest, and the temperature dropped 22 degrees in the hour or so it took me to drive the 9 miles home from work.

Yes, you read that right: it took me an hour to drive about 9 miles.

One other semi-amusing thing from yesterday: it was the first full day I had my new multi-function printer/fax/copier/scanner hooked up. I came home, and… I’d already been faxed something by mistake (as opposed to fax-spammed). Some sort of disability claim form from a credit union to a woman I have never heard of. I called them and let them know they needed to pay better attention to detail.

More Texas… on a Monday

So I took the Cobra to get the state inspection today.

I’ll be taking it back again later. After I reinstall the OEM seat belt buckle on the driver’s seat. Apparently the SFI-rated and FIA-approved 6-point Simpson racing harness I have in the car (mounted to factory seat-belt attachment points) won’t pass the Texas Department of Transportation inspection rules unless I can produce a USDOT cert for it (I can’t). I have the buckle. It and the appropriately-sized wrenches are in my trailer. I have to unbolt the seat track from the floor to get access to the attachment, but that’s just 4 bolts. It’s just a pain in the ass.

My oven is… lame. Set to 350 degrees. Let it get fully heated up. What should’ve taken 35 minutes took over an hour. I need to get an oven thermometer. I did eventually get to eat dinner, however.

At some point I’ll start unconsciously considering this place home. It’s close, but not quite there. Something only more time can take care of.

It’s BAA-aaack!

Writing this on my primary home computer, which is up and running after not having been used since approximately 8 December. I got the Jerker put back together, my new Samsung color laser all-in-one (K kept the fax machine and the Samsung color laser printer, I got the newer model), and the computer hooked up and a month’s worth of backlogged updates installed.

The laptop has served me well for the past 2+ months (since before Thanksgiving), but I’m happy to get back on my good ergo keyboard at my nice workstation.

And the chili I started last night? It was very good tonight. Had it with fresh flour tortillas I got from the in-store tortilla maker at HEB. 🙂

Back to it this week…

In which I do Texas things

Somewhat amusingly, a state that I’m reasonably sure is will-issue for driver’s licenses (all you need is a pulse) has a mandatory annual vehicle inspection program, which in my county includes emissions testing. As I need the inspection before I can get plates, I took Leviathan the F350 (which, being a diesel, doesn’t need emissions testing, just the safety inspection) to one of the local places today. I’ll take the Cobra for its inspection soon (it needs the emissions test).

And then I went grocery shopping at the closest HEB, which is apparently a Texas institution. It is a very nice store, and I will be returning. The benefit of this, of course, is that I now actually have food in the house. I’ve even started a batch of chili, which will be ready to eat around dinnertime tomorrow.

I just wish there was a Whole Foods closer to my house. The nearest location is just under 17 driving miles away. Maybe we’ll get one out this way soon. There’s some fresh development going on.

There are a few things I still need to pick up, but I have enough things to actually eat at home now for several days. Yay!

It’s the little things. 🙂

Ah’ll get all the sleep Ah need when Ah’m dead.

The post title is spoken by Sam Elliot in "Road House". A short time later, his character is, in fact, dead.

I couldn’t sleep last night. Which given that it wasn’t a full moon, is a bit unusual. I remarkably was able to get though the day at work coherently with minimum caffeine intake.

Through the week. Going to try to accomplish a lot this weekend. I’ll see if that’s possible.

I’ll sleep at some point. Probably very soon.

Too many decisions!

Well, not really. but I have multiple events competing for my time this weekend. There’s a Houston Region SCCA Club Race (a Double Regional) at Motorsports Ranch Houston, and I could go flag (that I’m home writing this tells you that I didn’t do that today), and might still do that tomorrow. Mustang Club of Houston is also having their annual indoor karting event later this afternoon, and their monthly meeting tomorrow afternoon.

The problem with working both days of the race is that I lose both days of the weekend, and I have several things I want to do today, including moving my trailer to its new indoor home, which finally became available this week. Also, I have some Christmas presents in the form of gift cards I’m going to exploit at Target getting some Calphalon cookware (it’s maybe just a little less heavy than their primary line, but it’s also about 1/3 the price of their primary line, and it works quite well in our experience in MI – K kept that set, I’m getting a new set), and I’m going to do some grocery shopping(!!!).

I might still go to MSR tomorrow and flag. I need to get days in to keep my F&C license anyway.

Oh, and my new printer showed up yesterday. Ordered late Wednesday night from Behold: network-ready color laser all-in-one, and it had: $100 instant savings, $100 easy rebate, and I had another $50 e-coupon. Also ordered a network cable and a shredder (K kept the one in Michigan), which had a $50 easy rebate. I got the all-in-one for the price of the printer-only, non-networked version using the same printer engine.

I haven’t set it up yet, but after I get the kitchen finished, the computer work area in the living room is the next item on the Get Sorted list — and this includes unpacking my primary home computer. I’ve been using the laptop exclusively for about 2 months now with the exception of an hour or so in Michigan just before I moved.

Oh, and for those of you keeping track at home, I did 5 loads through the dishwasher and washed a lot of other stuff that isn’t dishwasher-safe by hand, but the kitchen is ALMOST done.