It’s Tuesday

Okay, here’s the deal. The wife of one of my co-workers works at a nearby vehicle engineering firm that does vehicle dynamics, accident reconstruction, litigation support, etc. with a guy I know from racing circles in Michigan.

So today at lunch, while I’m out with my colleagues, a group from said engineering firm comes in, including the guy I know from racing circles in Michigan, and… another guy I know from YEARS back when I was at Ford, and he was first working for the US Dept. of Energy/Argonne National Laboratory, and we collaborated on some of the stuff for the first-ever Hybrid Electric Vehicle Challenge student competition (sponsored by Ford, USDoE/Argonne, and SAE). R later worked on Team Mustang at Ford, and left maybe 12 years ago to move back to Texas (he’s a Dallas boy) to work for Goodyear at their proving grounds in West Texas. R left Goodyear when they wanted to send him back north to Akron, Ohio, and found himself at this engineering firm.

Small freakin’ world. 😀 ðŸ˜€ ðŸ˜€

We had a quick catch-up conversation, and R invited me up to his house for New Year’s Eve tomorrow. J (the other guy I know) and his family will be there as well, so it’ll be a little old-home week. I called R this evening to get directions and we caught up a bit more.

I have to say it: this made my week. It really did.

On top of that, I had a great day at work. Spent the afternoon out in the lab helping my boss disassemble, reset, and reassemble a test piece he’s working on, and learned a ton while getting a little dirty in the process. I’m also doing some CAD work — at this point, I’m doing "redraws" into SolidWorks as both training exercises prior to the formal class next week and also to get the parts modelled in the correct system (some of them are hand drawings dating as far back as 1965). I did one today that had a tricky little bit of geometry — nothing terribly earth-shatteringly complex, but I had to extrapolate something I already learned how to do into something I hadn’t attempted yet, wasn’t convinced would work, and wasn’t completely sure the whole thing wouldn’t blow up in my face, but it worked.

I should be tackling more complicated stuff soon.



  1. …but do they have a 3-D printer? Dude. Tell them you NEEEEED a 3-D printer. (Awesome win-ness on having old-skool peeps in the area. Awesome.)


    1. We gots *2* 3-D printers. They were right proud of them when they gave me the tour during the interview back in October. Didn’t have the heart to tell them we had the same model as the “great new one we just got last month” at Metaldyne two years prior. 😀 It’s a very good 3-D printer, though. Still pretty much state of the art.


  2. The Goodyear proving grounds? I know where those are! We drive by them every time we leave Steve’s home town (San Angelo). Another small world thing. 😉


    1. Yep, out by San Angelo. R’s been here for about 8 years, though, he said, since Goodyear tried to send him back up north to the Akron mothership.


    1. Oh, I already knew several folks here before I moved — this was one of the selling points, actually, that I wasn’t going in completely cold. The ‘net is a wonderful thing in that regard — a good many of the people I already knew here are folks I met via the various online connections. It’s an amusing nexus of work-people, racing people, SF/F people, and old classmates.


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