Sunday… so far.

I’m making some headway in the kitchen. At the moment, I’ve cleaned up the fridge and have the removable plastic bits that will fit in the dishwasher in said device (on the no-heat setting) getting clean. The couple years my refrigerator served as Garage Fridge in Michigan added some funk to various bits. I particularly liked the sawdust in the top gasket folds, leftover from when the roofers cut the roof sheathing for the new ridge vent last year.

Yesterday, I purchased a PUR filtered water dispenser for the fridge. Amusingly, it doesn’t fit under the kitchen sink faucet (which I will be replacing anyway for a variety of reasons like "many of my pots don’t fit under it" and "it’s cracked and leaky").

I also bought a couple brooms, a dustpan, and a couple of garbage cans. I was able to clean the light cover (Mr. Clean Magic Eraser) and grease screen (dishwasher) for the microwave/vent hood combo, and verified that while the light and vent fan work, "It’s Dead" is pretty much a permanent condition for the microwave as the major parts needed to revive its microwave functions are discontinued and no longer available anywhere (and if can’t find them, they don’t exist), so I’ll have to negotiate its replacement with the landlord.

I’m putting in shelf paper (well, to be more precise, nice, non-skid, no-adhesive shelf and drawer liners) right now, which involves removing what shelf paper is present, thoroughly wiping down the cabinet or drawer with Lysol wipes, then cutting new liner to fit. Tedious, yes.

And I have laundry running, too, because I need clean clothes. 🙂 Yes, it’s Domestic Sunday here at Nuevo Casa del Crider Sur (no relation to Nuevo Rancho Lake, just a statement of fact: new house, in the south).

The fact that all I’ve had to eat today is some Chex Mix and a couple of holiday cookies isn’t helping. I really should get my act together and go to the bank, find food, and generally get enough energy to finish the job. It’ll happen.



  1. The brain needs food. Go get some takeout at least. You’ll feel better after. And happier. That’s a lot of work done.


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