First Day of Work

…has come and gone. It went well. Good people, good office. I’m not doing what I was originally told I would be doing, owing to a bit of project reshuffling (it happens. At this point, I don’t worry about it and instead say "Okay, so tell me what you want me to be doing and I’ll get on with doing it). Oddly enough, the group I’m in is the only one I *didn’t* interview with originally, but that’s okay as they got briefed on me from the folks I did talk to.

Did some brief paperwork, met one of the bosses, started in on the 50 e-mails waiting for me to log on (no kidding! 50!), and started learning SolidWorks (a CAD software package) in advance of formal training the first week of January. Those of my new group who were actually present went out for some decent BBQ (and get this: IBC root beer in the fountain dispenser. First time I think I’ve ever seen that!), then two of my colleagues and I went to get Safety Shoes (it’s a requirement). As I have a decent set of steel-toe workboots already, I used my allowance to get a set of Hush Puppy loafers that will work for office wear. More CAD tutorials finished out my day (and will carryover into tomorrow I’m sure).

Stopped on the way home at a little indie pizza/Italian joint that’s also the closest to my house, and I pronounce it passable.

Day One: in the books



  1. So hopefully the surprises are all over with and you’ll be starting the new year with a fresh life in a way. Best wishes!


    1. Don’t know yet. 🙂 Once I start actually doing stuff with it, I’ll know more. Right now, I’m doing very basic tutorials. I’ll get into some actual model construction starting Friday.


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