This is what happens when an engineer can’t get parts

Because I’ve been mucking around with this this morning, some info on my lash-up of A/V gear.

My main TV is a 27" Sony purchased in 1992.

About 6-7 years ago, the A/V input card on it started acting funny. Me being me, I took the back off the set and figured this out, got the part number off the card, and started asking around.

Couldn’t get it. Discontinued. And the last listed price for it was more than I’d paid for the whole set. Well, I wasn’t in a position to buy a new set (HD sets had just come out and were hideously expensive), so I pieced it back together, and since I could get video but not audio through the TV, resigned myself to having the stereo on to provide audio. Not a huge problem, really.

Well, it is when it then stopped accepting video in signals and just took the video from the RF signal provided by the VCR. I could no longer watch DVDs. So… what I ended up doing was…

Input: DSS receiver. A/V outputs to A/V switch and thence to VCR in. Second A/V output to stereo
Input: DVD player. A/V outputs to A/V switch and thence to VCR in. Component audio output and second A/V output to stereo.
Input: DVD/VCR combo. A/V outputs to stereo, RF output to TV, also has antenna RF input to catch off-air (will be adding a digital add-on box to this as my DVD/VCR combo doesn’t have a digital tuner built in, being purchased just before that was required. 😦

It’s a complicated lash-up, but it works pretty well. If I use the DVD/VCR combo instead of the separate DVD player, I can eliminate the A/V switch.

DirecTV guy is bringing a DVR-equipped receiver today. This makes me happy. I’ll eventually have to get an HD receiver, because they wouldn’t bring one for me unless I had an HD set already (I don’t), but it’s a step in the right direction. My two DSS receivers have performed well for the last 10+ years, it’s time to update.



    1. I would have, too, except a) I didn’t want to buy an analog set that would be obsoleted by the oncoming digital changeover, and b) digital sets were at that time hideously expensive. By the time digital set prices came down a little, things were working just fine and I didn’t have a reason to change it. Depending on the state of my credit cards after the whole move/unemployment thing is over, I may get one sometime in the next couple months.


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