Stuff. Plus: I am a Guy.

My stuff arrived almost entirely intact. Part of my entertainment center got busted up, probably by the squirrelly brothers in Michigan. If it can’t be fixed, I will proceed to get one that is more suitable for future TV purchase (read: HD flatscreen).

I have so far: 

– assembled and filled the bed, about which more in a second.
– hooked up washer & dryer, ran an empty cycle on the washer, ditto dryer, and am now washing my bedsheets.
– I did go get lunch.

Up next: vacuum the coils on the fridge and get it running, then dig out enough electronics gear to get basic TV functionality for when the DirecTV guy comes tomorrow morning.

Okay, I’m a guy. For starters, this morning I was able to figure out how to get to my DSL router and get the wireless settings to my liking.

But… remember my mentioning the purchase of a simple white bedskirt to hide the foundations? Well, do you know how you get the bedskirt on under the king-size, two-bladder softside water mattress after said mattress is full? You don’t, that’s how. It’ll have to wait until such time as I drain and refill them (which I actually intend to do in the next couple of months — after 10 years of well water in them, I want to let the city water do its thing and then purge and refill).

So, Dave, rest assured that my inherent Guy-ness led me to forget to put the bedskirt over the foundations before I got the rest of the bed assembled and filled. My room will look very much Guy Room. Yes, complete with small refrigerator (the kitchen is clear over on the other side of the house).

Now back to the tasks at hand…



  1. Welcome to Texas. I’m glad the move went pretty well. Best wishes that your new life here is wonderful. FWIW, I’m not a guy and I wouldn’t have known that about the bed skirt either.


    1. Well, to be fair, Carol, I knew that about the bed skirt, but I just flat out forgot it in my haste to get the bed setup so I have a better place to sleep tonight than the twin-size Aerobed I bought on Monday, which beats the hell out of sleeping directly on the floor, but is sufficiently close to the floor that getting up is a challenge. 🙂


      1. Well you beat me. I wouldn’t even think of buying a bed skirt. I’m cheap and I don’t mind if my bed is naked.

  2. Ah, the subconscious. How it protects us from being that which we don’t want to be. Carol, don’t think for a second that my dear brother’s protestations that he “knew” about putting the bedskirt on first but simply “forgot” in haste to assemble was anything more than a real admittance of refusing to be outwardly more gay than he’s comfortable with. It’s ok, I understand. Until my days in the theatre, I too was afraid of that bit of gayness. I still fight it to this very day. Why, just today I had to make sure I ordered a beer when out to eat with my wife while she ordered a frozen drink which I secretly covetted. It’s hard work being manly all the time. All my big(big) brother wants to be is himself, but his Victorian societal hang ups won’t let him enjoy the bed skirt he picked out. Jim, I hope you get that bed drained and that bedskirt on by Christmas! Don’t wait. Start the NEW YEAR as the NEW YOU. And hell, you might as well go ahead and buy those drapes to match.


    1. It ain’t happening before Christmas. 🙂 I start new job on Monday, I’ll be busy enough. I got the margarita tonight, but it was on the rocks and had a little test tube of Cuervo 1800 floating in it. 🙂 How about I just dust the blinds instead? Curtains are overrated dustcatchers in my world. 🙂


    2. At least Jim bought a bed skirt. That shows he’s in touch with his sensitive side. From what I’ve heard about Houston, after he’s been there for a bit he’ll get more comfortable showing it. Or he may become even more of a manly man (if that’s even possible).


      1. I used to live in the West Village in NYC. There were a lot of gay guys living there and one of the “in” styles was the cowboy look. Then I moved to Texas. I’ve adjusted, but I still have trouble seeing guys in jeans, cowboy boots and cowboy hats as straight, macho guys. From what I understand Houston has both style of cowboys. 🙂

      2. Well, I’m not a cowboy boot or hat wearing kind of guy, and that’s unlikely to ever change. 🙂

      3. I have no real mental image of you, but I was picturing you assimilating into the (nigh-on-to vanished) Houston cowboy culture.

      4. Neither did I when I first came south. But you probably grew up around it. I had never really listened to it until I was a captive audience because I was a hitchhiker. I’m a guitar player. So the quality of the musicianship and some of the songwriting caught my ear. Now I listen to it off and on. But I listen to Rap too. When it comes to music, I’m fairly omnivorous.

    1. Well, I had the computer and phone hardware with me, so it got hooked up first. The rest showed up today. I’ve got the DirecTV guy coming tomorrow morning; I got one of my existing receivers working on the old dish, but I can’t get the local stations because it doesn’t “see” that satellite (the new dish will). No big. I have to piece together my main AV setup enough for DirecTV guy to verify function tomorrow, but it’s not going into the (damaged) entertainment center until I get word on its disposition.


    1. I rigged up the TV stuff enough to work. The DirecTV guy will be able to do his thing and verify operation before I tear it all apart again. 🙂 Debating whether to use the component-outs on the DVD/VCR combo (which is newer and has progressive scan, something my older one does not) and not put the older DVD unit in (use that one in the bedroom instead). The problem is I like the controls on the older one and don’t like the controls on the newer one quite so much. It’ll all be moot when I get an HDTV and a BluRay player, of course, but for now…


  3. It’s much easier with a regular mattress. If you forget, it’s not so hard to heave the mattress off again to put the bedskirt on. I know water beds are supposed to be good for your back, but those I have tried made me seasick. Seriously.


    1. This one’s a softside with two separate bladders, which have foam and fiber inside of them. Between that and the pillowtop on the mattress that makes it look all nice and normal (just REALLY heavy), the waviness is almost totally damped out unless you do something silly.


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