Oh, and about that carport thing?

I went to my uncle’s on Saturday morning to move the trailer. As it turns out, he’s got a back gate so I was able to drive out onto the main road, make a left, drive down a little street that’s parallel to the main road, and up into his yard through the gate, unhook the trailer, and drive out the gate I knew about into his main driveway.

As I was putting the equalizer bars back inside the trailer and closing the side door, the carport guy called. "Well, it’s a little too breezy to work this morning, so I’ll be out there later…" ("breezy" = 25-30 mph sustained winds with measured gusts over 50 mph).

He never did show up. 🙂

I halfway considered changing my hotel reservation and posponing the trip down today because of that same wind, which is described in the previous post, but as Tulsa this afternoon had the wind shift to a strong north wind and the temperature dropped about 30 degrees and they’re supposed to get ice, I’m glad I got out of there this morning instead of waiting.

I’d rather not drive in ice if I can help it, and today I could help it. 🙂


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