In Houston

Yesterday was spent in Tulsa, and I had the pleasure of having a late lunch at Pepper’s (what I think may be the only surviving location in Tulsa of a restaurant I love) with neutronjockey and HisLiz(TM), who is of course her own person and a very lovely and talented and kind person at that (Jeff, you lucky scoundrel!). We spent enough time at the table after the bill was settled I started to feel a little guilty about not ordering more stuff (though there wasn’t exactly a line to get tables). I owe neutronjockey and Liz a large meal after he snatched the bill from in front of me before I had time to react. Next one’s on me, Jeff.

I also made a quick (relatively speaking) run out to High Flight to pester Misty & Larry (and get books signed for my friend here who let me park the Cobra where her Tahoe usually goes next to her husband’s ’09 Z06 Corvette, and who is a big Valdemar fan), getting back to the parental units’ house in time to get a couple loads of wash in before they got home from their activities.

Mom: "You sure drove a long way to the laundromat."
Me: "This is true, but I haven’t had access to a washer since Sunday and won’t have mine back until later in the week, maybe Thursday or Friday."

(side note: call from K today indicates that my hunch about the ineffectiveness of the dryer on her old stack unit was correct, plus she realized that both washer and dryer are half the capacity of the units I took with me, so she’s going washer/dryer shopping tomorrow. She’s spending her own money on this, so I’m not concerned.)

So this morning, the parents took off for church while I was still in the shower, and I got ready, got everything loaded, coaxed (okay, grabbed and placed) Scooter into his travel cage, which was in turn strapped in, and went to my uncle’s to get the trailer. Hookup was uneventful.

The 30mph headwind, on the other hand, was a… challenge. 500 miles of that, with a trailer that has the approximate aerodynamics of a small office building.

Okay, the last 50 or so miles sucked rocks, but that was Houston traffic and random idiot pedestrians like the all-black-clad youth (only non-black item visible: whites of his eyes) who ran across 7 lanes of FM-1960 in front of me and 5 other vehicles after dark tonight. There’s dumb and then there’s suicidal.

I am in a hotel tonight. Tomorrow, I make some utility phone calls, see if I can get trailer storage arranged, and get keys to the house. Tomorrow night, Scooter and I will be in our new home. Scooter will be in his big cage (and much happier for it), I’ll be, most likely, on an air bed of some kind until my stuff arrives.

And I’ll start making it *my* home.



  1. Your nerves are quite a bit more steely than mine. I needed a stiff drink after transporting a sheet of plywood 15 miles. It was strapped securely to the roof of my Forester, but it was also freeway driving in a high wind. 500 miles of that and I’d have probably crushed my steering wheel. Or broken my fingers. Or paid someone else to do it. Oh, and hi, Jim — this is Steph, aka Lady Lark, aka you know who I am. πŸ˜‰ I didn’t know you were on Livejournal! Drop me email if you’re near St Louis anytime soon:


    1. Steph, got your friend-notification when I checked mail today and reciprocated. I came buzzing through St. Louis on Friday morning, but was on the southern I70/55/44 route and on a timeline. 😦 Next time… πŸ™‚ As for the nerves? Well, if the hotel says anything about the bird, he’s officially a service animal: therapy bird, who keeps me from going over the edge. πŸ™‚ I sat here with a bird on my shoulder or giving him skritches for a few minutes and I was much calmer.


  2. Have fun making your house a home. I envy you meeting up with Neutronjockey; I only know him from the internet, but he sounds interesting. And I’m jealous that you got to see Misty and Larry. Again, I only know them through email and the internet.


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