In Tulsa

After a largely uneventful drive (and no, the hotel didn’t take any official notice of Scooter), with the exception of 3 miles of traffic backup due to a major crash of some kind (unknown — by the time we got to it, the only thing left were MoDOT trucks and a big-rig wrecker in the median) at Mile Marker 55 on I-44 in Missouri, with the loss of an hour or so, Scooter and I arrived in Tulsa.

Dropped the trailer at my uncle’s place where he’s got a separate driveway for his RV (about which more in a sec) then on to my parents’ house for tonight and tomorrow. Scooter is safely ensconsed in his vacation condo for the night, enjoying the additional space. He was such a good bird on the trip so far.

Okay, so my uncle has this carport thingy over his RV. Except that it was built sized for the Class C coach he had before, not the longer Class A coach he has now (Class C: front cab of a van, the rest motorhome. Class A: full-chassis motorhome, not a bus/pusher type, but front-engined). The carport guy was supposed to be there last week to add to it to cover the new coach, and didn’t show. So tonight, I backed the trailer into the RV drive, blocking the coach in. Not 20 minutes after I left, the carport guy called and will be there at 8:30 tomorrow morning… so I have to get there earlier and move the trailer to the other driveway. I have two options: back it up a twisty driveway and miss the porch and the pillars for the portico, or drive it in straight and see if I can turn around without chewing up the yard. I’m going to walk it first — I’ve driven up that driveway many times before, but never with the trailer or with an eye toward putting the trailer up that way.

I don’t think I want to go in to the back where the septic field may be, and there are sprinklers/lines in the front… oh, hell. I’ll think of something.

Tomorrow is a designated Rest Day for me and the bird. If they object come reimbursement time, I’ll just point out that this is two nights of hotel and one day of per diem they don’t have to pay, so they’re money ahead. I don’t think this will be a problem, however.



  1. Typical of the contractor to show up at the worst possible time. They probably do that on purpose! 😉 Glad your trip was uneventful, and hope the rest of the trip will be equally so.


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