It’s Tuesday.

And it’s Election Day. I voted. I was #437 in my precinct at around 12:30pm. It’s not a particularly large precinct. If you haven’t voted yet, there’s still time as I write this, even in the Eastern Time Zone. Get out and do it.

For the first time ever, I had to show photo ID. About damn time, says I (and I did say that, minus the "damn").

Odd thing: guy in the little stand next to me (wearing some sort of UAW hoodie) wouldn’t turn off his walkman/mp3/radio/whatever it was and kept his headphones around his neck so we could all hear the music he was playing (classic rock, the 1970s version), then at one point he dropped his ballot on the floor and didn’t appear to notice until a poll worker pointed it out to him, then just disappeared… leaving his not-completed ballot in the stand. Poll worker went out to try to find him — he’d disappeared. While I’m all for exercising one’s right to vote *and* performing one’s civic duty as a citizen, I’m not really terribly upset that this guy didn’t apparently get his votes completed. He didn’t appear to be all present and accounted for upstairs, and he smelled like burnt rope.

I got my free cup of coffee at the closest Starbucks.

Wondering when I’ll get my UIC deposit. Tried to call today to inquire but Michigan state government is closed for business today.

Talked yesterday to the nice young HR lady at Likely New Employer. Written offer was being sent either yesterday or today by overnight courier. Since it hasn’t arrived here yet, I’m guessing it went out today. I’m good with that.

Probably not going to watch much (if any) of the news or election coverage tonight. All I want to know is who won, if there were any odd irregularities (hope not), and what’s on non-news satellite channels.

Oh, my other major (ha!) accomplishment for the day was I removed the Hoosier Tires sticker off the hood of the Cobra, as there is a cross-country trek in its near-term future and the white sticker provides a convenient laser target for revenuers.



    1. Gee, I don’t know…. bet he would’ve voted yes on Michigan Proposal 1 (legalize medical marijuana) if he’d gotten that far (I doubt that he did — he started after I did and I was there another 5-10 minutes coloring in the appropriate ovals on my ballot).


  1. Well, it looks like Obama has won, but until it’s official, I won’t be cheering. Even after, I won’t be cheering. He has an awful lot of work to do to keep some of his promises. I fear that disappointment will set in soon, as he’s not God, no matter what his supporters say.


    1. Say rather “he has to bend the laws of reality to keep some of his promises”. Cutting revenue (tax cuts – promised) and increasing spending (all the promised programs) equals bad business.


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