Holding Pattern

Right now, I’m waiting for the formal, written offer to arrive. And trying to work out logistics and timing, a big chunk of which will depend on interaction with the relocation outfit contracted by Likely New Employer. Since they’re paying for it, I’m basically having to follow their rules to a great extent.

But I feel pretty good about the whole thing. I really do. My excitement at the possibilities is tempered somewhat by both the loss of familiar haunts and the distance that will be between me and the several great friends I’m fortunate to have around here. That said, what with all our fancy modern communication tools, it’s very easy to stay in touch, and I’m sure I’ll be back up this way on occasion.

Furthermore, I do already know a number of people in the greater Houston area, besides those I will be working with, so it’s not like I’m starting from scratch.

Brain is sorting plans… okay, I can do this first, then when it’s time to do that next bit, I’ve already done that bit so it’s easier, and so forth.

Ideally, I’d like to sign a lease and get keys on the house-hunting trip, and since I hope to drive the Cobra (pictured) down for that trip, I can leave it there, fly back to Detroit, and when I make the final move, pull the ’65 in the trailer behind Leviathan along with those items I don’t want the moving company to handle.

Yes, I’m going to lease something, at least at first. There are a couple reasons for this: a) I don’t have any great savings to use as a down payment on a house anyway, and b) I’d like the flexibility to move to another part of the area if I find my first choice doesn’t quite work the way I thought I would. It’s easier to finish out a lease and move than try to sell a house and move.

I am planning on making use of both the relocation company’s resources and local friends who aren’t possibly getting kickbacks from real estate and/or apartment management companies. My needs are pretty simple: 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a garage (1-car acceptable, 2 or more Much Better as that means I will only need 1 remote storage spot for the trailer, not also one for the ’65), in good shape, not in a flood plain, low-maintenance, within a price point and a reasonable commute to work. A local friend (::waves to Julia::) has pointed me to the Houston Area Realtors site (www.har.com), which is certainly interesting — and they have both houses and condos/townhouses for lease listed. It’s one thing to see a picture on a web page, it’s another to be on the ground looking at the place and the neighborhood. I also hope to talk to some of the people at Likely New Employer and see where in the area they live.

In any event, it’s still an adventure.



  1. I’m hoping the formal written offer comes soon so you can accept it (if they haven’t changed the terms to your detriment) and get going with your move. I hate being in Limbo.


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