Well. Well, well, well.

This afternoon, the phone rang with a job offer from the company I interviewed with on Wednesday in Houston.

I am awaiting the formal written offer, but based on what I know so far, I’m leaning toward taking it.

I’m nervous, but excited. Big change was coming to my life regardless of where I would have landed, but this is a pretty major move.

I am fortunate in that I know several people in the area — so I’ll have the starting point of a base of operations.

Thank you to everyone who has voiced support — I truly believe that I do get by with a little help from my friends (yes, I’m Ringo). There’s going to be a lot more stuff going on here, but I have a direction.

It’s going to be an adventure. Pretty cool.



      1. ::chuckle:: I’ll only be able to wear it in the truck. Not enough headroom in the Mustangs for anything taller than my helmet.

    1. …with cars that have spent a lot of time in Detroit. Well, except for the ’65, which hasn’t seen any winters on the road here.


    1. It’ll be nice to have Real Summer again, and I can do without Significant Winter, thankyouverymuch. Just have to make sure I have newish construction that’s up to hurricane code, and, as my Grandpa McCartney (himself the son of a homebuilder) famously said, “Never buy a house in a hole!”


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