John Stossel is my new hero

That is all.


13 thoughts on “John Stossel is my new hero

  1. fakefrenchie

    Ah, a Libertarian. It’s odd that the same word in French, Libertaire, is a more polite word for anarachist. I find it interesting that, though the two words do NOT represent the same philosophy, they intersect in many ways.

    1. autojim Post author

      Spell that with a lower-case “l”, please. The USA’s Libertarian Party is infested with some real nuts. And I’m not a big fan of anarchy — I rather like law and order, thanks — but as I’ve said before, I’m also a big fan of minimal government intrusion into our lives. And no, the two are not mutually exclusive. Having just worked in the only organization I’ve ever encountered that rivals the Federal Government for inefficiency and obtuseness, I just can’t condone adding MORE government.

    1. autojim Post author

      I’ve seen a couple articles on that now. Not the first time this has been tried, but they are taking advantage of modern materials science and composites, which should help somewhat. One of the problem with dual-mode transport is that they’re rarely really good at either one of the modes ’cause of the compromises needed to get the other mode up to a basic functionality. But if they do get the company going, the vehicle certified for both modes, they surely have a spot in the Nieman-Marcus Holiday Catalog. 🙂

      1. autojim Post author

        The whole move-cross-country-for-an-underfunded-startup idea doesn’t exactly appeal to me. Yeah, I know people ’round Boston, but it’s not a part of the country I want to find myself stuck in without a paying gig. I’m trying to get out of debt, not add more to the tally sheet!

      2. fakefrenchie

        I was only kidding about the resumé, but I think it would be interesting for you and for them since you have so much experience. Still, Boston is not a good place to be without a job that pays very well.

      1. autojim Post author

        Give me a chance to HAVE the interview first! Seriously, it happened today, I’m home again, and it went very well. I’ll post more later.

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