All of you who have voiced support here and elsewhere.

Instead of waking up for the first time in my new place this morning, I woke up in the old place and went over to the new place to pack up the kitchen and linens (which were the only things I really unpacked), then brought consumables back here to the house and took whatever else I could fit in the truck to my (already existing) storage locker. Then I took up a friend’s invitation to dinner. Dinner was yummy (spaghetti & meatballs), and having some pleasant company was very welcome.

Friend M is meeting me over there tomorrow morning to load up More Stuff. Between his truck (which has a full-height cap on the bed instead of the hard tonneau cover mine has but is otherwise purt near identical) and mine, we should be able to get pretty much everything that’s going to storage over to storage in one two-vehicle trip, which will leave some clothing, cleaning supplies, and toiletries and a little bit of clean-up to do and I can hand it back over to the property company.

One of the owners and I talked on Saturday, and in light of my situation and the fact that I hadn’t really truly moved in yet, he’s willing to work something out. I’ll be out what I’ve already paid (hopefully this won’t come back to haunt me later) but it’s the most graceful and least-expensive exit I can make.

This leaves utilities and changing my address with the bank (again) back to my old/new address. And applying for unemployment, and sending more resumes/correcting address/phone on ones I have already sent. I’ll forward the apt. phone to my cell, which will help.

K’s pissed at me. I can’t blame her one little bit. This throws a major wrench into her life — she thought she’d have the house to herself starting this weekend, for starters — and I’m just trying to rectify the situation as best I can. Minimize expense and minimize downtime are the operative concepts.  Getting the network spun up — but there’s a LOT of people around here looking for work.

This could end up involving a move elsewhere. Ya know something? I don’t think I’d mind too much.



  1. I don’t understand why K would be pissed at YOU. You can’t afford to move out now because of circumstances beyond your control. She might be pissed at the universe, but IMNSHO she shouldn’t be pissed at you.


    1. Ahh, but I am the physical manifestation of the parts of the universe she’s pissed at… It’s okay, really. I totally understand. She was supposed to be rid of me (in terms of my living here) this past weekend, now not only is my stuff still here but *I* am as well, and the rest of the situation is on hold since I can’t afford to pay the alimony we’ve agreed to, either. I am just trying to focus on correcting this situation as quickly as I can. The rest will fall where it may.


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