My lone political post for the season

This is it. It’s all you’ll get.

I’m not Red or Blue or any other artificially-imposed media characterization. I’m Plaid. The clan tartan is broad bands of dark blue and dark green with thin red and yellow lines shot through at wide intervals.

Look seriously at the candidates from dogcatcher on up to president. Look at their records. Look at their plans. Understand that their plans will last about 0.3 nanoseconds once elected — this is true of all politicians of all stripes. Understand that a willingness to stand for election to public office is a combination of a selfless desire to serve your fellow citizens, a bit of ego to think you’re better than the other guy running against you, a little power hunger to take the reigns of whatever fiefdom you’re running for, and significant brain damage to willingly subject yourself and your family to the media meatgrinder that ensues when you file your candidacy.

Then vote for the candidates you think will best fill the office they are running for.

And hope they can, once elected, do as many of the good things and as few of the bad things they promised to do during the campaign.


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