Two travel race weekends in a row.

Ready for a weekend off, ’cause then I get to do it again.

It’s okay.


Work is… work.

Life, such as it is, continues. 


4 thoughts on “Thud.

    1. autojim Post author

      Yep. And the thing is, I *did* have fun. But getting to the fun part involved a lot of prep work and a fair bit of driving the tow rig. Which does have XM Satellite Radio, a Garmin nuvi nav system, air, leather, and an interface for my iPod (not to mention the Valentine One radar/laser detector), so it’s not like I’m cooped up in a coal cart.

  1. fakefrenchie

    Hope you are doing OK. With life and work AND recreation, you must be exhausted. Do you get any vacay this year?

    1. autojim Post author

      Yeah, I do have some vacation left. One day is for Detroit Grand Prix, five for the Solo Nationals, and one that I’ll probably take in November as a travel day for Thanksgiving. If not then, then in December.


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