Two travel race weekends in a row.

Ready for a weekend off, ’cause then I get to do it again.

It’s okay.


Work is… work.

Life, such as it is, continues. 



    1. Yep. And the thing is, I *did* have fun. But getting to the fun part involved a lot of prep work and a fair bit of driving the tow rig. Which does have XM Satellite Radio, a Garmin nuvi nav system, air, leather, and an interface for my iPod (not to mention the Valentine One radar/laser detector), so it’s not like I’m cooped up in a coal cart.


  1. Hope you are doing OK. With life and work AND recreation, you must be exhausted. Do you get any vacay this year?


    1. Yeah, I do have some vacation left. One day is for Detroit Grand Prix, five for the Solo Nationals, and one that I’ll probably take in November as a travel day for Thanksgiving. If not then, then in December.


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