Yet another update

Alive. Last weekend’s event in Oscoda was a success.

Worked the week.

Sunday, went and saw Hellboy II. Visually amazing, could’ve had a bit more story to it.

Was originally hoping to do the comic-book double-feature with The Dark Knight but due to one thing or another, the timing didn’t quite work out so I’ll go see that one next weekend when I can hit a matinee.

Working this week.



2 thoughts on “Yet another update

  1. fakefrenchie

    Glad to hear you’re alive. The contrary would be alarming, unless you had become undead—for example, a vampire—which would be alarming for other reasons. 😉

    1. autojim Post author

      Heh. Some people think I’ve been undead for years. Others just wish I was dead. Just heard from dealer where Leviathan is being serviced. Ouch. But necessary expenditure, and still cheaper than buying a new truck.


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