July 4 is Racing Day.

Verdict: New seat mounting rocks. It’s at least 2″ lower than my previous seat — I actually have almost 2″ of clearance above my helmet to the headliner! Got used to it much quicker than I thought. Really like feeling “of a piece” with the car.

And I ran quick enough today to take E Street Prepared over my lone competition — but don’t get me wrong. Lou makes me work for it. Reminded yet again that the Cobra really feels at home on a course where I can really keep the engine spun up. I run most of Waterford in 2nd gear, at least in this configuration, and grab 3rd on the backstraight, going back to 2nd at the end of the straight. With the finish lights where they were today, no reason to upshift again in Swamp Turn. In its regular configuration, I grab 3rd coming down from Hilltop and through Big Bend, 4th on the backstraight, back to 2nd at Archers at the end of the straight, 3rd again coming out of Swamp onto the front straight, and think hard about keeping 3rd until the tight lefthander that goes up to Hilltop.

One incident, during the 1st work shift, at the turn I was working. A car (I am not identifying it further for a variety of reasons) slid sideways to the inside of Swamp and went nose-in to the concrete barrier in front of Station 8. Which was where I was working at the time. We (my fellow worker and I) were not really in any danger — we were away from the impact point and got further away during the incident itself. Driver was physically unhurt aside from the usual bumps and bruises from the belts and airbag, but was upset about damage to their car, for obvious reasons. My assessment is the car is imminently fixable, with only minor tweakage (didn’t push anything back into the doors).

I didn’t have any real issues aside from wondering if I’d run out of gas during a run (and I didn’t have any with me).

After I dropped the trailer at storage, I stopped and picked up Strawberry Crush and vanilla ice cream for a Crider family tradition on the 4th — strawberry sodas. Real simple: big glass, some vanilla ice cream, and then pour the soda over it. K doesn’t care for it so I bought her some root beer. And she just had ice cream with some strawberry puree over it. Ah, well.

Note: that half-gallon of ice cream you used to buy? It’s now 1.5 quarts (2 quarts is a half-gallon). Same price, though. Grrrrr.

And I’ve spent the evening listening to more illegal fireworks than I’ve heard in years up here. Nothing that goes bang or flies in the air is legal in Michigan except for professional displays. I’m going to hazard a guess that a lot of people who would normally go Up North for the weekend to blow stuff up stayed home this year because of fuel prices.

Fuel prices are also keeping the entry count low for the autocross weekend I’m co-chairing up in Oscoda next weekend. I’m thrifting it to the bone but may still have to cut some stuff unless I get more car count. 😦

Ah, well, up tomorrow morning at 7:30 for the start of the Tour de France. Big format changes this year, should be interesting.



    1. Wasn’t that bad of a hit, and truthfully, I was not really in any danger. Why? Because I was prepared. We then responded quickly, which is also our job. Srsly, I’ve worked {counts on fingers} 5 rollovers at race tracks, ghods only know how many wall/guardrail hits, and more than one major car-to-car (probably the nastiest was a 5-car nose-to-tail at Grattan). This wasn’t a major incident by any means. Even if it did push a 20K-pound concrete barrier back about 6″, taking the other barrier it was pinned to with it.


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