Tonight, I channel Andy Rooney.

Pretend for a moment I’m about 900 years old (“When 900 years old you reach, look as good you will not!”), short, pudgier than I really am, and I have two woolly-bear caterpillars where my eyebrows would ordinarily reside.

Have you ever wondered why it is that when you get a new computer that’s supposed to have everything on it, you wind up spending HOURS getting all the latest updates and other stuff installed on it?

Okay, that’s about enough of Mr. Rooney.

Seriously, it’s been Computer Central here at Casa del Crider. The home system (Dell Dimension E510) got XP Service Pack 3 a week or so ago, but I couldn’t pry Laptop #1 (Dell Inspiron 1525 purchased from the Dell Outlet) out of K’s hands to perform the updates until Laptop #3 (Dell Inspiron D420 purchased from the Dell Outlet) arrived (stay with me here: Laptop #3 was the 3rd one ordered, but the 2nd to actually arrive at the house) and I was able to get it configured and updated to take Laptop #1’s spot in K’s mobile computing roster. Then yesterday, Laptop #2 (brand new Dell Inspiron 1520 *with XP Pro instead of nasty Vista*), aka Miss E’s graduation present, arrived. So now I’m working on #2. I have the hookup to our home network done (she’ll have to figure out her dad’s network situation — I’m not touching that with a 10-meter cattle prod), including our networked printer, all the Microsloth updatery done, the anti-virus/etc. suite subscription handled, the LoJack account activated, and the mouse software installed. I still have Office to install (no big deal), since this is to be her college machine, and then I’ll get the present from her grandparents (my parents) setup and operationally installed. It’s a printer, the non-networked version of the Samsung CLP-300 we have the networked version of here.

The fun part will be explaining to her that this is HER computer and HER printer and HER software, and is not to be shared with her dad, stepmom, or half-sibs. Actually, it shouldn’t be hard to encourage her to be selfish. πŸ˜€

She doesn’t yet know she’s getting her own printer. She also doesn’t know about this blog. πŸ™‚

Oh, and while we normally run the laptops on the wireless net, for major updating, I go with the wired network because it’s just that much faster (and more bullet-resistant during big downloads). Most normal surfing, wireless isn’t an issue, but when you’re pulling down 50 XP/IE/Media Player/Office updates from Microsloth, every little bit of speed helps my sanity. πŸ™‚

Last weekend, after Dad and I had talked about printers and what exactly to get her, he calls me saying “do you know how much the ink cartridges are for that thing? The guy at Office Depot says the Samsungs are ink-hogs, and…” 

“Dad, stop. This is a color laser printer, not an inkjet. It’s more reliable than an inkjet, and the toner cartridges last months even with a graduate psychology student printing papers almost daily. As I told you, we have had the same printer for a year and a half. I know how much toner it uses. And seriously, are you going to take the word of the minimum-wage guy at Office Depot over me on tech stuff?”

“Aw, hell, son, you’re right.”

“Yes, I am.” 

And the non-network model isn’t particularly expensive, either. Saw it for about $125 today.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to a) being done updating stuff for a while, and b) having regular access to Laptop #1 for my own use.

Just for giggles, I think tomorrow I’ll get Laptops 1-3 out and running *and* my work laptop (Latitude D620) and see if the the wireless router can handle it.I’ll have to set up an auxiliary table, though, to fit them all, as the Jerker’s desk is full of oversized ergonomic keyboard for the home system.



    1. Eh, wasn’t so bad. Finished the setup today and tied a nice ribbon around #2 so Miss E will know she’s getting a present.


  1. Wow. The computer talk made my widdle head hurt. Sounds like a pretty sweet graduation gift for Miss E! Congratulations to you and her proud momma for seeing her through to the diploma. Raising a teenager is no small feat. You and the missus should take a celebratory vacation or something. You go ahead and get out Laptops 1-3, and your work laptop, Mister Motivation, and I’ll go ahead and try to get one measly load of laundry done. Sheesh, you’re making me look bad over here, Jim! πŸ™‚ Tawni (I created a LiveJournal account so I could comment.) P.S. Just kidding about that load of laundry.


    1. Um, should I mention that I also did 6 loads of laundry yesterday? πŸ˜‰ K’s taking a vacation once she finishes her masters schooling in a couple weeks. I’m on enforced vacation this week (summer shutdown), which I spent the first day of doing yardwork. 😐 But… the offending foliage has been pruned, the gutters are clean, and all the debris is curbside for tomorrow morning’s trash pickup. Tomorrow, ghods willin’ and the krik don’t rise, I’ll get to work on the race car some and have an adjustable seat instead of a fixed-position seat. πŸ™‚ Welcome to here, Tawni. F-listers, please wave hello to my sister-in-law, more proof that Crider men are very fortunate when it comes to marriage.


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