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  1. As an adult who has no children, I’m really unqualified to say what size vehicle would do for the usual needs of a family with two children. However, from everything I’ve seen of co-workers with school age children, those children and their posessions (and occasionally added friends or the family dog in some sort of cage) take up one heck of a lot of room and result in a really messy vehicle interior. Therefore, a sedan of any size just won’t do. Added thought (having re-read the original post): there’s no such thing as a suburban family of four that doesn’t need to sometimes haul large, bulky objects [from Lowe’s or Home Depot back to their house, if nothing else].


    1. True enough. BTW, there is no wrong answer to this. 🙂 It’s more of a survey. I don’t have 2 kids, either (and the one I share is 18 and doesn’t come ’round that much, let alone go places with us frequently). After a bit more time for responses, I’ll explain what I’m getting at with this. 🙂


  2. Man, would I love to be able to fit into a compact sedan. Given that the parameters of the poll are that I do fit comfortably into the compact sedan, I’ll take it. I’m actually thinking about stepping up to a new-for-me vehicle in a year or so. Current possibilities are: Mini Cooper or a Smart FourTwo. I have to try them out. I’ve been told I can fit into them, but I require evidence.


    1. I’m 6’4″, 250, size 13 feet. I fit in the smart, no problem. I do fit in a MINI Cooper as well (MINI is the current version, Mini is the old original flavor). I have driven my wife’s Focus considerable distance without trouble. I usually don’t have much trouble unless someone decided the car needs a sunroof. Then I’m hosed — the rails for power sunroofs are directly above the top of my noggin… usually at a distance of -1 to +0.1 inches. Tilty-head is not fun.


      1. Yep, sunroofs are a problem for me, as well. We had to get the Taurus SHO built for us at the factory because most of them, on the dealer lots, came with sunroofs. When my mom was looking for her most recent vehicle, a Lexus ES300, we had the same issue. She had me along to test for my ability to drive it, and the sunroof was a little bit of a problem. 95%+ of them came with sun roofs. I told her that it was not likely I’d be driving it much and to just go ahead and get it.

      2. Yes, that’s why my long-torso’d BIL, the respectable attorney, sits in the “urban rake” position when driving his ES300… I had the “have to order it” situation with my old Probe GT — every one that was in-stock with the options I wanted also had an option I couldn’t use, the sunroof. I literally could not fit in a sunroof-equipped car without tilting my head, but I even had helmet clearance in the solid-roofed version. And this was a sunroof that opened to the outside of the roof, not between roof and headliner! With the Cobra, it was easy — no sunroof even offered! 🙂 The one vehicle I own where I could have a sunroof is the truck, and they didn’t offer them in the F350 until later model years than my ’99. I have fedora-clearance in that truck.

    1. You may consider either the sedan or the wagon as a hatchback for purposes of discussion. Many small “sedans” are technically hatches (Mazda 3, Ford Focus outside of North America, Opel/Vauxhall/Saturn Astra, etc.)


      1. I said wagon, meaning hatchback (in Canada the Yaris comes as either the sedan or the 5-door hatchback which I have). Why? It’ll carry almost anything that doesn’t need a full-sized van, and gets great gas mileage. If I didn’t carry up to four extra people, I’d have looked at a SmartCar, but my daughter plays rugby and my son goes to LAN parties with all his gear and a friend’s gear.

      2. Do you find the rear windsheild difficult to see through? I test drove a Yaris when I bought my last car (2004), a Fiat Punto. I found it distracting to have a clear oval in the middle of a dark windshield when I was looking in the rearview mirror.

      3. I splurged when I bought mine two years ago and got the rear view mirror with the fancy automatic light-adjustment (and compass and temperature), so it isn’t any brighter or dimmer than my windshield. But my windshield isn’t shaded at all, either. So I’ve never noticed that.

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