Power Outage Day 3, Update 2

This update will, ghods willin’ and the krik don’t rise, end our saga with the power outage of June 2008.

About 5:45 PM…. DTE flipped the switch and… FWOOM! Power was back!

After making sure it was nice and stable, I started undoing the stuff I’d set up… beginning with the not-UL-approved string of extension cords I intended to power K’s work computer setup (thus making it possible for her to work at home tomorrow and not go to the office, something she hates) *and* the bedroom TV setup because I was going through withdrawl (and it doesn’t suck as much juice as the main AV setup in the living room).

Fridge status: milk, eggs, Miracle Whip, all purchased last week to replace that lost in Tuesday’s brownout: gone. Ice cream: gone. Ice in icemaker tray: gone. Everything else: just fine.

I love my generator. It ran about 22 hours straight at one point, and one 3.7 gallon fillup was good for ~18 hours of operation at our operating point this time around. I checked the oil before I started it back up this afternoon and it hadn’t used a drop. Ever. As long as I’ve had it (since 1999). It’ll get a long-overdue oil change soon as a reward.

That said, I’ve started poking around for an automatic, whole-house stand-by generator set. I have some connections to play with there.

And… if your LJ user id is “havepower”, you’ve been blocked from spamming my blog and reported to LJ. I also have your IP, and your provider is being notified. Try it again from a different handle, and I’ll make you even more miserable by turning your spamming ass over to some folks I know who have no bag limit on their spammer hunts…



  1. power generators are priceless. I’m totally convinced of this after this past winter’s ice storm.


    1. Oh, yeah. I guarantee that any new or substantially remodeled house I build will have a automatic stand-by generator set baked in to the budget and the plans. I’m also thinking seriously about adding some PV solar (with a battery bank) to the house. Need to see what the tradeoffs are as far as credits vs cost. The thing is, though, we don’t actually use that much electricity in the grand scheme of things, even with the computers running (for several hours a day, the home computer, K’s work desktop, and one or two laptops plus a color laser printer are powered up), three (two full-size and one mini) refrigerators, and assorted and sundry other systems. Our house is little, reasonably well-insulated, and the stove/oven, home heat and domestic hot water are natural-gas fueled. In the dead of winter, our gas bills are double what they are in spring/summer/fall, but the electric is usally quite reasonable unless a) we have to run the air conditioners a lot, or b) it’s so cold I have to use Leviathan’s 1000W engine block heater a lot (it’s like running a hair dryer, which is why I have it on a timer to only operate ~3 hours before my usual departure time). Ah, well, my friend who works for the Cummins/Onan distributor is trying to talk me into just getting a transfer switch for the house to use with the Honda, even though what I really want is their cool 12 kW automatic, natural-gas-fueled stand-by unit. With that, I may have to do a *little* load balancing and maybe not run the clothes dryer :), but it’s enough to keep the whole house (minus the clothes dryer) running, ACs and all.


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