Power… an update of sorts

Went to my appointment. Wrestled my way to the trailer after the appointment — it was a little tricky as people really either:

a) Can’t be bothered to treat intersections where the stoplights are out as a 4-way stop


b) don’t *know* how to act at a 4-way stop.

Real simple: one direction at a time gets to send one car (per lane), then the turn passes to the left.

Anyway, got there. Got gas can(s — the generator’s 5-gallon and a 6-gallon I normally use for race fuel for the Cobra but is empty), filled same at the Meijer gas station next door (10.4 gallons was about $42. Sheesh), found a bank branch with a working ATM (Cash! Yay!), and attempted to buy dinner.

Option 1: Papa Johns Pizza. This is what K wanted to get last night but couldn’t due to the storm… except that when I stopped at the strip center where they HAD power today, no Papa Johns. As in “gone”: no sign, space emptied of all its Red Wings memorabilia, equipment, etc. Gone.

Called K, got Option 2: Mezza Mediterranean for some schwarma. Drove there. No power. Which meant I improvised Option 3 and went across the street to Ali Baba Grill for schwarma and hummous. Not as good as Mezza, but at least a) they were open, and b) it was protein.

Had a few boomers tonight, just enough lightning to chase out the two electric utility trucks that were actually trying to fix stuff further down the way. Drat.

DTE shows 9371 reported outages in our zip code. They are NOT reporting ETAs on restoration and say they won’t until 8 tomorrow.

Going to attempt to get to office tomorrow for Meeting Day. K’s school is closed tomorrow, so she’s going to make up her missed day at work tomorrow instead of Saturday, which will help.

And life does go on.

PS: Our generator is great. It has an inverter, so it throws a good 60Hz signal regardless of what speed the engine is turning. Most generators have to turn at 3600 RPM all the time to make 60Hz signals (if your power has the wrong frequency, just about everything except light bulbs are not happy, but particularly electronics and electric motors). The practical upshot of this is that Honda has something called “EcoThrottle” that slows the generator down under low loads (thus saving gas). And I can get as much as 18 hours out of about one 3.7 gallon tank of gasoline. And it throttles up automagically if the well pump or the fridge compressor kick on. It’s also the quietest on the market (still). The $2K we spent on this thing back in 1999 is money well spent. 


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