Aw, hell.

Pens get the Wings in Game 5 in the 3rd OT on a power play. Game 6 Wednesday in Pittsburgh.

I have to get up at 4:30.



  1. I haven’t watched a hockey game in years. But, when I came to bed last night, and was looking for the local news, I saw that they were going into the second OT, and decided I’d stay up to see if the Red Wings would win at home. Just as the 3rd OT powerplay started, I heard a noise in the other room, and went to check on the kids. When I got back, they were interviewing one of the Penguins about the goal. I missed it by :: that much. Wishing your team much luck.


    1. It was a solid shot through a good screen. Ozzie never had a chance at it. Hudler doesn’t get a double-minor for an inadvertant high-stick that cut the Pens’ player’s chin, the outcome might’ve been different. Luckily, Detroiters have learned responsible celebrating, so tomorrow night has a good chance of being largely arrest-free…


  2. You and half the people I work with, who were all struggling to stay awake today. Only difference: this is PA , so they were Pittsburgh fans.


    1. Well, yeah, of course they’re Pens fans :). The Pens’ goalie kept them alive last night. 58 shots from about half the Swedish National Team plus several other countries’ worth of hockey talent. Thierry did great work, and the Wings made some defensive mistakes that put them behind. Is okay: The Wings are 2-0 in clinching Game 6s in the playoffs this year. In the 2nd round, they swept the Avs, so no Game 6 that round.


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