K’s car – an update

Okay. Friday I got the springs. Put the right front back together, all good.

Go around to left front, pull off the wheel… 

…and wouldjalookitthat? The left front spring is BROKEN IN THE EXACT SAME PLACE AS THE RIGHT FRONT!!!!!!

Good thing I bought two springs, huh?

Well, knowing what I learned from the right front, the left front went quicker.

Car works fine. Rides better, too.

We drove it to Grattan and back today to flag. I also drove a couple of “warm” laps getting to and from my turn station. Just to settle the springs, of course. 😉

My pal Gary lunched the motor in his Formula Ford big time. 😦 Broken piston took out the crank, and likely took the block with it. He was leading the race by a significant margin when Whoomp! happened.

Otherwise, a pretty good day, though I’m sore.

Tomorrow, Miss E graduates.

Oh, and in the rest of the world that exists outside of a 20-mile radius of Ortonville, Michigan: Monaco Grand Prix; Indy 500; Coca-Cola (nee World) 600 in Charlotte, and it’s the middle of a 3- (or 4-, in my case) day weekend here in the States, wherein we honor the servicemen and -women who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country by taking a day off work, eating to excess, and (in some cases not including mine) drinking to excess. Some of us race cars, too.

Damn provincial small-town boobs who don’t acknowledge that anything exists outside of that narrow radius… I can’t WAIT to hear the commencement address.

Oh, and next weekend? Red Bull Air Races come to the Detroit Riverfront. Check this out: it’s like autocrossing with 250-mph airplanes! How cool is that???? If you have a DVR, Speed Channel airs them at odd hours. Well worth the watch.



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