Busy Busy Busy

Saturday was the first MRT open house of the year. They’re sponsors, and I hauled the car down for the occasion. Still no seat though it’s supposedly shipped for real this time. I did, however, get a new shifter. Shorter throws, more precision. Big black 2-1/4″ shift ball (made from the same resin that billiard balls are made from). Was a great time, had great weather.

Sunday, we left the house at 5am to go out to Grattan to flag the Detroit/Fort Wayne national road race. Picked up friend and fellow flagger Doug on the way. Started raining a bit toward the end of the 2nd race (of 6). Third race on it was well and truly wet. Gore-Tex is a wonderful thing. Doug and I wound up working Turn 1, while K, the sensible one, worked in the tower where it was dry if not particularly warm. We caught a few cars at 1, but nothing major.

The rest of this week is hectic for me. Work today, a work trip tomorrow & Wednesday, then working the Formula SAE student competition at Michigan International Speedway out in Brooklyn, Michigan. Which is quite a ways from Casa del Crider. Fortunately, Detroit SCCA arranged some rooms at the nearby Super 8 Motel, so I don’t have to make that round-trip run for 4 days at $4.399/gallon (or more) diesel…

FSAE is usually a lot of fun to go with a lot of work.

I *might* be helping a friend make a trip to pick up his car on Sunday.

Next week, though, only a 4-day work week. Get Friday off as a holiday to start the Memorial Day weekend, and plan on spending it putting the seat in the Cobra and, if I haven’t done it by then, replacing the front strut top mounts on K’s Focus. Which should, with air tools, be only about 20 minutes per side.

Busy? Why, yes, thanks. 🙂


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