The seat hasn’t made an appearance yet. MRT is making good on it, but they’re as hamstrung by their supplier as I am right now. There are two other seats from the same source that were ordered before mine that also have yet to appear.

I did a test session in Indiana last weekend with the existing worn-out seatback propped up as best I could and still needed to use a significant pillow behind my upper back to stay upright. Barring a miracle, I’ll be doing the same on Sunday at our Season Opener event at the DTE Pine Energy Music Knob Theater (I’ve spoken of this place before).

Last year’s Memorial Day event was after a concert. We (Detroit SCCA members) spent 3+ hours sweeping/picking up everything from broken beer & booze bottles to gallon jugs of whizz and used condoms. I spent over an hour just on my paddock space before I even considered bringing the car out of the trailer.

I mention this because tomorrow (Saturday) at the DTE Pine Energy Music Knob is the Gigantour, a speed-metal festival headlined by Megadeth. Our only possible saving grace is a 70% chance of rain & storms tomorrow that will severely curtail the parking lot shenanigans. I hope. Everyone with a leaf blower is bringing it to help with the cleaning. And theoretically, Palace Sports and Entertainment (who runs the place) will have a street sweeper truck going through. I say “theoretically” because the sweeper showed up at last year’s Memorial Day event about 2pm… we’d been there since about 6am.

Ah, well, Dalai Lama post coming up next. 🙂


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