No (April) Fool

FF posted a comment wondering if she’d be seeing an April Fool’s joke from me.

Obviously, the answer is “nope”… sorry. Tuesdays are 12 hour workdays now, with a meeting at 6am and pretty much wall-to-wall meetings all the way to one at 4pm that regularly lasts until 6pm.

Since April 1 was a Tuesday, well, I was busy. And by the time I got home, I was fried.

Fuel price watch: filled Leviathan today. US$4.199/gallon. $117.01 later, he was full. Urk.



  1. ZOMG It’s autojim! I filled the ranch pick-up today from just under a quarter of a tank. It was a nifty $85.00 at 3.29 a gal. Luckily I only fill from time to time on that beast of a machine.


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