Save Terry’s Brain!

 This is for Terry… 

(reposted with permission from Esther Friesner, who is not LJ-enabled to the best of my knowledge)

You all know the now-not-so-new news about Terry Pratchett having Alzheimer’s. For those of you who want to (and can) do more than express your sympathy, there is now a site called “Match It for Pratchett”.

Terry and his wife Lynn have made a donation of $1,000,000 to Alzheimer’s research and The Powers That Be are hoping to be able to get folks to match that sum. Given how many fans and friends Terry has, it would not take much per person.

I refer you to:

And I {from Jim: We} commend you to donate. I’ll be doing so {Jim: that goes for me, too}. You can do it either by direct donation, via the tip jar, or by buying a shirt on Cafe Press. The above URL will take you to a page with links to all three possible donation venues.

Please note that the direct donation asks you to enter a sum in BRITISH POUNDS, so be sure to do the currency conversion math before you type in a number.

And remember: this is going to benefit Terry but it is also going to benefit so many more people out there!

Let’s do this!



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