Hey, it’s only been, what, a month and a half?

I’ve been pretty busy with work and life here. Trying to keep up with all manner of things and mostly succeeding.

Part of this is work-related. I’m learning a new job, learning in more depth the personalities of the people I’m working with (this can lead to a few difficulties as we try to mesh the various quirks), and at the same time trying to keep a couple different-but-related projects on track at a level of experience that at least resembles competence.

One of the issues I’m having is there is a guy who doesn’t like to let stuff he considers “his” go… even though someone else is assigned to a particular task (and he did the assigning!), he’ll come along behind and change things so they’re to his liking. This is exceptionally irritating to me as I am a *very* experienced automotive engineer and having someone treating me like an idiot schoolboy is not something I’m expecting. I’ve been biting my tongue so far as I’m still not quite sure how much of my performance review will come from this guy, but there will be a time… and I hope I am able to keep my tone and inflection professional when that time comes.

Meanwhile… everyone’s healthy. K was accepted to the doctorate program that starts in September after she completes her Masters in August, Miss E is heading toward graduation, though her social calendar largely precludes her having any time for us.

So, as it goes, it goes.

Maybe I’ll post again with less time interval… 🙂

PS: Waves to 

, newly arrived here at LJ planet 



  1. Best of luck with that guy. I was delegated to ask the boss’s secretary to please get up and go talk to her boss rather than speaking loudly (they’re in eye sight but across a corridor) because our office is next to her boss’s and it sounds as if she’s talking to us and it’s damned distracting and annoying. (We don’t care how her boss expenses her recent trip or whether she has the receipt or who is on the phone for her if she’d like to take the call.) So as she headed off on holidays on Friday she mentioned to me how I should like that it’s quieter without her. Somedays you can’t win for trying.


  2. Sorry to hear about the problem guy. Hope you will be able to keep your cool when the time comes that you will have to tell him off.


    1. I’m sure it’ll be fine eventually. I just hope it gets that way without a dust-up. One of the things K doesn’t like about me is my aversion to conflict. Her life, particularly after her parents split up, was conflict-central, and that’s just what she’s used to. I was not brought up in that kind of environment, and I don’t really much care for it. Certainly don’t care for starting conflicts. Which is not to be confused with lacking skill in the art, should the need arise.


      1. Yes, my DH is like that. He keeps his cool for a long while. But the downside is that after that “long while” expires, he could go ballistic about some little thing. I’m trying to convince him that it would be best to put a safety escape valve on his plumbing, but … he’s even more stubborn than I am. 😉

      2. Congratulations to K. That’s wonderful! As for your not liking conflict, you’re a big guy. It probably saved you getting into a lot of Situations. I don’t like it either. I’m not a big guy, so that was a survival plus for me.

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