Where HAS the time gone?

As I was reminded today ::waves at FF::, it’s been over a month since I last posted.

The thing is, rather than filling up my friend’s F-lists with useless blather just to say I’m posting something every day or every half-hour, or whathaveyou, I’d rather wait until I had something worth saying.

And I’m not entirely sure I really have something worth saying, other than a status update:

Health: Good. Right now, my neck and shoulders are hurting, like I’ve got a strained muscle.

Employment: After a slow start in December, it’s picked up quite a bit this month, which is good — I’m actually doing some of that engineer stuff I enjoy.

Family: Yes.

House: Still standing.

Scooter: he’s enduring winter and his new schedule (which involves way too many before-7-am-wake-up-calls than he’d really prefer, having been raised by the quasi-nocturnal Misty Lackey), and alternating between being a real cuddle-bum and an unspeakable brat. In other words, normal cockatiel behavior.

Gonna have to put new batteries in Leviathan, probably tomorrow before the predicted snowstorm hits Friday. I’m not thrilled about that as I’d hoped to make it to the weekend and some slightly warmer weather. He’s on the two-extension-cord combo of battery charger and block heater tonight, as tomorrow morning’s low is expected to be about 0F. Blargle. (Which is the sound of boogers freezing in your nose, in case anyone wondered.)

And that’s about it.

More when I have more.