… today I was laid off.

Last week, I was in Kansas, on vacation at the SCCA Solo National Championships. This morning, I went in to work.

There were signs and portents.

Sure enough, at 1:00 pm, I was informed that my services will no longer be needed. One of several let go as part of a roughly 10% RIF on the white-collar ranks.

What really stinks about the whole thing? Two people were hired into my department at the beginning of September. At the end of September, two people (myself and one other) were let go. No, the other wasn’t one of the new hires.

So, I’m “on the beach”, as they say in the radio business. Beating of the bushes started already.

More than that, I cannot say at this time.



  1. A few years back my husband was laid off from a place he’d been 12 years. He got a job immediately with a 90 mile one way commute, when that died, he got a job close, but definitely contract, and then another job that was contract. He’s now in a place he likes, reasonable commute, that he hopes will stick. Good luck in the hunt.


  2. Dang, that stinks. I hope opportunities show up quickly. A friend of mine just got back from the Solo Nationals. He was amazingly consistent. 40th out of 60 on the first day. 40th out of 60 on the second.


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