Well. It’s been a bit of an adventure. Wednesday, we got a new roof on the house. Siding will be done soon.

Well, the roofers (a crack team of Ukranians subcontracted by our G.C.) did a mighty fine job, but the lone mishap was a silly one: they had to move the phone lines slightly to access part of the roof and put new shingles down. This they did, and not 30 seconds later, a garbage truck driving by ripped the lines from the pole and the “Network Interface” box from the wall of the house. As our ‘net service is via DSL, this meant no phone and no net…

AT&T contacted — this is Wednesday, early afternoon. Repair scheduled for Friday morning, 8 am. As of 9:20, they hadn’t shown. Phone at house did not ring through to answering machine until about 3:50 PM. Yet the sheet the tech left says he a) attempted to contact us (probably by dialing the dead landline) before arriving and b) arrived when scheduled.

Anyway, as of last night, it is all working again.

Otherwise, life is busy but well. More later. Tired tonight. Need sleep. Lots.



    1. Yep. Just been very busy lately and haven’t had much time to post. Working a lot, and a lot of other things going on outside of work. I’l get an update posted at some point. Thanks for asking!


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