I grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Well, mostly, if you except my first year in LA, the 4 early years here in the Detroit area, and the 2 years exiled to the Chicago suburbs. But anyway, I’m used to summertime heat kinda like they’re seeing down there right now (just in time for the big PGA Championship golf tourney this week at Southern Hills Country Club, about which more in a sec), temps in the high 90s to mid 100s, with humidity to match producing heat index numbers (equivalent dry temp) in the 125-128 degree range.

But I’ve been in Michigan as an adult since 1990, and I think the lack of “real summers” up here has softened me. Well, that and the extra hundred ten pounds of mass I’ve added since I graduated high school. So last week’s trip to Florida with temps in the high 80s with frequent rain and lingering near-saturation humidity between rain, followed by no-rain days with temps in the mid 90s, had me suffering more than I’d care to admit. At least the house we rented had its own screened-in pool in the back, which was always excellent for a cool-off (and well-screened from the neighbors by ample plantings for privacy!), and the rental car had a remote starter function that I used without any guilt whatsoever — it started the car and ran the AC on full blast for a few minutes prior to our entry to the car, thus taking some of the edge off the fishbowl effect. Unlike a lot of the locals’ cars, the rental did not have dark tinted windows that cut down on a lot of the solar gain.

But that’s what you get when you go into a near-tropical zone in mid-summer. We had a great time in spite of the heat and the rain.


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